Paige VanZant has apparently been pulled from BKFC London and she is not happy about it.

For some reason, some speculate financial, she has been randomly pulled off the card which is the worst possible situation for everyone. The fans are left without an anticipated bout, the fighters are left without a paycheck, and the promoters have to deal with the negative publicity. VanZant has remained one of the most popular former UFC fighters having broken in to the mainstream even competing on Dancing With the Stars. She is an attraction and an easily marketed commodity for a company. That is most likely why her removal is so head scratching to the public and more so frustrating for her.

Here is some of what what she posted on Twitter.

This is out of my control!!! I went an entire camp and weight cut to be pulled a week out!!!!

I did not pull from my fight!!!! I was pulled! I am p***ed off and heartbroken!

I worked my f***ing a** off to be pulled a week before I am supposed to compete!!!!

The main event between former UFC fan favorite Mike Perry and Bellator stand out Michael “Venom” Page is still in tact.