Marvel pissed off, may remove Downey as Iron Man after Avengers 2

Robert Downey Jr. may be fired/released from his duties as Iron Man for his demands pertaining to a role in Captain America 3. The movie should be primarily about Chris Evans as Cap vs the NSA one would think, but Downey reportedly demanded a bigger role in the film. Bigger role equals bigger payday we … Read more

Mike Goldberg’s damage control after NFL flubs Twitter tirade

In case you live under a rock Mike Goldberg sucked as an NFL on FOX announcer and was removed from this week’s broadcast. He messed up names, confused offensive team players with defensive, and just generally flubbed his duties. Shortly after the disastrous outing Goldberg let trolls and haters get to him with their comments … Read more

Fired WWE Announcer Justin Roberts breaks silence

As we reported earlier this week longtime WWE announcer Justin Roberts was released from the company apparently over contract disputes. It was even reported that the well liked Justin Roberts was seen screaming back and forth with Michael Cole on the night he was released. No one knows for sure what the real scoop was, … Read more

Anderson Silva’s rooting for Belfort in Weidman fight

Anderson Silva has returned to the media spotlight after two back to back losses to 185 pound champion Chris Weidman. Chris ushered in a new era and knocked Silva out to win the belt before outclassing him in the rematch up until Silva broke his leg. Weidman beat Lyoto Machida next showing the world he … Read more

Full list of comic book releases for Wednesday October 15

Today is a very hefty day in terms of comic books hitting the shelves of your local comic store or in some cases online outlets. Check and see if your comic book is arriving today. 215 INK Enormous #1 (Johnnie Christmas Black & White Phantom Variant Cover)(not verified by Diamond), AR Enormous #1 (Johnnie Christmas … Read more

WWE: More inside info on Justin Roberts being released, replacements

It’s no secret that Michael Cole is known to be a pretentious pain in the ass so it’s not shocking when we get reports from sources about his actions representing that fact. We reported earlier that long time WWE announcer Justin Roberts was fired, let go according to WWE when they decided not to renew … Read more

Korean Zombie is out for 2 years due to military obligations

UFC featherweight Chan Sung Jung nicknamed “The Korean Zombie,” is taking, is being forced to take rather, a hiatus from MMA for at least the next two years. Koreans have a mandatory military service requirement of two years for all South Korean males. Jung’s manager Brian Rhee talked with’s Ariel Helwani. “He feels bad … Read more

WTF: WWE cans another TV mainstay

WWE is sinking in terms of TV programming quality. I don’t even watch it anymore until it hits Hulu and then I fast forward to the Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, or Seth Rollins parts. They have been letting employees go from commentators like Josh Matthews, wrestlers like Brodus Clay, and even VP’s of the company. … Read more

John Cena tweets on Wiz Kalifa collab for WWE 2K15 soundtrack, more

John Cena may be just a guy in ugly tennis shoes and Fruity Pebbles colored gear now, but he was once the leader of “Thuganomics” and wore hip hop attire. He released an album of his own way back when with passable music offered to the hardcore fans, but now it seems he has stepped … Read more