We love MMA, we really do. So when we heard Jon Jones would be eligible to fight in late October we got excited. However, we do agree with other sources that having his potential four year suspension reduced to 15 months seems a bit too lucky. Especially since this wasn’t his first offense. Some sentences can be reduced by providing ‘substantial assistance’ which means basically to snitch on other offenders.

Twitter user Iain Kidd posted the following (via MMAmania)…

Jon’s suspension was made retroactive to the date of his failed USADA test back in July of last year thanks to an arbitrator stepping in. A Twitter user named Iain Kidd made a shock claim that Jones wasn’t lucky he was an informant.

Jones’ 15 months is based on a 30 month reduction for evidently turning in another fighter and/or coach and/or supplier to USADA, along with a small 3 month reduction based on the circumstances of his failed test in general.

Award was by arbitrator Richard McLaren.


This where he starts the informant line…

This is, to my knowledge, the first time any UFC fighter has chosen to avail themselves of section 10.6.1 and turn “states evidence” to reduce their suspension.

It’s a very substantial reduction as well, so I doubt this is just a case of giving a name, it’ll be more than that

He continued…

Worth noting that early in his UFC career Jones used to talk about turning in other kids for smoking weed, and called himself “kind of a snitch.”

Guess he was telling the truth, there.

What do you think? If this is true, which we doubt, Jon is either the smartest or dumbest fighter in UFC history. Snitches get stitches.

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