scaleWe are all familiar with the continued struggle to lose weight. In this blog, I will explain why most people’s “weight loss” journey often turns sour.

Believe it or not, “losing weight” goes against universal law. Human beings, by definition, are not designed to lose, nor pursue any type of loss according to the growth principle.

Every living creature is created and exists with only one purpose: to grow… which in other words means GAIN. There is no other animal or plant that at one point in their existence decides to start shrinking.

By their nature, every living creature (people, plants, animals, insects, etc) are on this planet to acquire and gain. Plants grow taller, ants build homes, bees build hives, pigs get fatter, and animals grow bigger, just to name a few.

We play the constant game of gaining from the moment we are born until we die.  We want to acquire more wealth, health, status, respect, power, money, etc… We just want more of everything, as it should be.

However, all of a sudden, at one point in our lives, human beings decide…to lose. Suddenly, people want to lose weight. Imagine a tree that at one point in its existence decides to turn down water. Or, have you ever seen a fat lion on a diet? No…because that is the opposite of the universal law.

Going against our basic growth principle is the reason why most people are unsuccessful in their weight loss journey. The only way you can succeed in losing weight, and pretty much in achieving any type of goal, is to be aligned with the universal law.

You actually need to GAIN, not LOSE. You have to not only focus on but also feel deep in your existence that you are growing. You must switch and train your thoughts to believe that it is gaining you are pursuing and not losing.

That is the ONLY way you’re going to achieve and maintain your weight loss. The more you focus on losing the weight (the number on the scale), the harder it will be. It is gaining not losing you should be pursuing. And you should be aiming higher, not lower. Good luck.

leo frincu photosLeo Frincu came to the United States from Communist Romania with $10, a back pack and four words of English. Now, he’s a businessman, renowned trainer and mentor for UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. Among his many athletic accomplishments, Leo is a six-time Romanian wrestling champion, four-time European champion and was also trainer and coach for the 2003 U.S. Olympic Wrestling Team. Leo is the author of a new book, “Choosing Freedom,” which details the steps he took to leave the oppressive Romanian society through wrestling and how his experiences have helped him in the United States – going from a bus boy to successful entrepreneur. You can learn more about Leo Frincu on his website Also, follow Leo on Twitter @leofrincu and “LIKE” his page on Facebook.

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