Weightlifting is a must for UFC and MMA fighters, most athletes, and it is also highly recommended for everyone as we get older. Without strengthening our muscles we can run into some serious issues with our joints as we reach middle age and beyond. However, it’s also important to take some necessary precautions when weightlifting — especially when you are dealing with heavier lifts.

Nordic Lifting has a whole line of products to assist anyone who incorporates weightlifting into their exercise regimen. Personally, I have been working on increasing my squats since the new year and I wanted to try out their knee sleeves to see how it affected my performance and recovery.

I had never used knee sleeves for weightlifting before but as I began increasing my squats I felt like I needed more support and I have to say Nordic Lifting’s knee sleeves really delivered. They definitely made my knees feel more secure which allowed for more reps and heavier lifts. I also didn’t notice nearly as much residual aches and pains in the knee area after a workout.

Never had used weightlifting knee sleeves before, I assumed the sleeves might work and feel like a normal athletic knee sleeve, but Nordic Lifting’s knee sleeves are much more heavy duty. These are serious sleeves built for serious weight.

I myself am 51-years-old and my weightlifting routine is far from extreme. It is mostly for maintenance as I’m getting older and also to help compliment my other athletic endeavors, like skateboarding. Nordic Lifting’s knee sleeves are probably too sturdy to wear if you were going skateboarding or playing a sport where you needed a good range of motion in your leg, however, that’s not what they were made for.

These knee sleeves do exactly what they were designed to do and they are very well made. If you are recovering from a knee injury, these could be very helpful as well I imagine. Don’t expect a huge range of motion with these sleeves but as far as giving support to your knees while lifting heavy weights these will definitely do the job.