dolce dietAfter 40 I began to feel a distinct change within my body. I could no longer ignore the fact that my metabolism was slowing down and that I couldn’t eat anything I wanted. I was mortified! All my life I have been slim and never needed to worry about what I ate or how much I ate. Inevitably I would always maintain or lose weight without even trying. After giving birth to my son I not only lost all of the baby weight, I also managed to lose an additional five pounds and was able to wear my skinny jeans home from the hospital.

After 40 everything changed. My body felt more sluggish and what I ate started to really weigh me down. I felt tired, run-down and was really beginning to feel my age. I knew I needed to make a change in terms of my eating habits before things got out of hand. But what to do…I am not well versed on nutritional guidelines and would honestly have no way of realistically coming up with healthy recipe alternatives without some help. A close friend then introduced me to The Dolce Diet.

Initially I am skeptical about this diet plan because my perception of a diet, virtually any diet really, is that they present food options that are neither tasty nor satisfying and therefore not easy to adhere to. The only reason I decided to move forward and give The Dolce Diet a shot is because I learned that you do not focus on calorie counting. Your goal is to eat smaller healthier meals throughout the day to increase energy and boost your metabolism. So why not, give it a try. I decided I would give myself at least one full week on The Dolce Diet and then go from there.

What makes The Dolce Diet a viable option for someone like me? Well of course there’s no calorie counting. And, I was able to try out lots of new, healthier food options that I probably would not have discovered on my own. Foods like agave, quinoa, chia seeds, avocados and oat bran are some of my new favorites. By incorporating some new healthier food items into my daily food preparations I am able to make healthy changes, without sacrificing taste and therefore pave the way for more permanent lifestyle changes that I can most likely stick to for the long haul.

After just a couple of days on The Dolce Diet I started to feel a lot better. I didn’t feel sluggish or tired. And as the week went on the better and better I felt. The recipes I tried were incredibly simple to follow, very easy to make, tasty and also quite satisfying – namely because the food was enjoyable to eat but also made me feel great afterward. Will I be continuing with The Dolce Diet – absolutely! Thus far I have lost three pounds in 2.5 weeks, and I feel energized and am ready to commit to working out at least three times a week. Will I stick with the diet after I’ve reached my weight loss goal – absolutely! After all, why would I want to stop feeling this great.

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