Justin “The Viking” Wren’s “The Ultimate Fighter 10″ blog – episode 9

At only 22 years of age, Justin Wren has a bright future in MMA and hopefully the UFC.

“The Viking” vs. “Big Country”

At the beginning of the Episode you will see that Rashad gets the team together and tells us there won’t be any coaching done by the coaching staff. The most that we all got was mitts held for us.

I was a little taken by surprise, but it was a much better option than going over to team Rampage! I just think we may have trained a little better if they split up the guys that were fighting each other into two separate practices.

Matt was a head case again, saying he had brain damage, brain swelling, and brain bleeding! Our striking Coach Trevor Wittman was not amused, Coach T is my Coach now in Denver, is phenomenal, and has trained some of the best boxers in the World.

Brain trauma is not a prevalent problem in MMA, though Coach T has seen it on a very personal level in boxing. T was extremely offended by Matt making these claims when the doctor was saying he was fine to fight. I think that it was a combination of mind games, and a back up excuse if he were to lose to James… If he even steps in the Octagon…

Training sure was different than anything I have ever experienced… I had zero help leading up to the fight with Roy and basically did shadow boxing, hit the bag, mitts and cardio (which I can explain later).  Roy and I before this were basically main training partners, he helped me and I helped him.

We became friends in the house, would always play “Horse” (Which Roy is ridiculously good at), and we even helped each other keep time and would alternate from hot tub to ice bath a night or two before our fight with each other.

I definitely knew how bad Roy wanted to win the fight, and he knew my dreams and aspirations as well. There is no other situation in the world where you would have to fight under these circumstances; it truly is unique situation the TUF house puts us in!

Leading up to the fight Roy and I couldn’t help but to watch each other train. I would peek on him and he would peek on me. It was weird! I had a really hard time game planning for the fight and somehow came to the conclusion of just winging it basically… Whatever comes natural…

I want to be a well-rounded fighter, but I am no world class striker, yet. I should have game planned to take him down a time or two toward the end of each round and I think that could have sealed it for me.

I hate to make excuses, and I should have been in better cardio shape, without a doubt. Going into this fight though I had FOUR staph infections… I had one on my back right shoulder blade you can see in the fight, two in my beard (one causing a bald spot LOL) and one in my nostril.

The worst damage I took were the slaps from James McSweeney before the fight, after that it was the BURNING STINGS that I felt in my nose when Roy landed any jab. I am responsible for the conditioning that I am in, and it is definitely a weakness, heck I came from Travis Lutter’s gym.

However, it is something that I am very focused on now. Every fight from here on out my conditioning will improve, I am going to make sure of that. Gassing out whether I have a staph infection or not is not acceptable. It is my job as a fighter to make sure that I can put on exciting fights. If I could have kept the pressure on, not have gotten tired, then I think the fight could have turned out differently.

Roy is a very seasoned vet, a lot of people don’t give him enough credit… He is the toughest guy I have ever fought. I think he just gets under everyone’s skin with his personality and how much he likes himself.

The guy has wins in grappling (I know its not MMA but still) over Frank Mir, Jeff Monson, Brandon Vera, and Diego Sanchez, that’s a GREAT resume. As a fighter you have to be confident, I think he just portrays himself just a hair TOO confident.

My fight with Roy went decent; I fought with heart whenever I had “steam.” I promised myself that I will always fight with heart… I love this sport and it is my biggest passion and I want to display that when I fight!

I am so incredibly fortunate to be able to do this for a living at 22 years of age. I have the best supporters, COACHES, friends, and family. I hope that in my career I can continue to become a better fighter, become well rounded, be in world-class shape, and PUSH the pace, and PUSH the tempo.

I don’t want to be a traditional heavyweight and I don’t want to be a boring fighter. I apologize to anyone who thought it was a boring fight, that won’t be something you have to get used to.

As to the judging… I won’t make much comment to that except I wish there was a third round. Whether I would have won or lost DECISIVELY, I would always rather have that happen, then to have an empty feeling left for myself… or any fan watching me fight. That was my first fight to go to the judges, and I hope to try to prevent that in my upcoming ventures.

Thanks to everyone who supports me! Y’all are incredible and I could never express my thanks with words, so I won’t try.

By:  Justin “The Viking” Wren

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9 thoughts on “Justin “The Viking” Wren’s “The Ultimate Fighter 10″ blog – episode 9”

  1. Wren awesome blog my brother. you are always such a class act and humble. Man I had more adrenaline rushing through my veins before your fight than any time I have competed. I wanted you to win so bad bro! One things for sure and I know I’ve told you this before, but your character and class will take you to greatness. I know your not hanging your head and are training like a mad man in CO. Keep it up Justin cuz even though this decision stings it is a bump in the road that will make you stronger, and you have so many great years ahead… Sykes

  2. Thanks for the blog Justin. I felt you totally won the first round without much debate. Could make a case for the second too. Look forward to seeing you fight at the finale.

  3. Justin, you represented well. Just remember, tv show or not, you ARE still in the big show. You’re living your dream right now. Take advantage of every second of it and soak it up. I look forward to seeing you in the finale. You make us proud down in Fort Worth. I know you will train your ass off for December 5th. I’m sure that Shane Carwin is a tougher opponent (daily in training) is much more of a test than anyone you could fight at the finale. Take care, bro.

  4. Justin, as you saw on Twitter last night, everyone that knows anything about MMA had you winning the first round, hands down. The second round could have went either way, but I had you winning that too, by a slight margin. There should have been a 3rd round, at worst case scenario, period. I will say it again, all MMA judges should submit to mandatory drug screens because two of the judges in your fight were obviously high.

  5. I agree with the others, you won the first round for sure. At the very least, it should have gone to a third. Oh well, I’m sure you will end up with a nice contract any way. At least you handled it like a man and didn’t rip any cardboard doors up. Win or lose, this season has been the most entertaining TUF in a long time. I seriously can’t even remember who was on last season. You’re on the right track bro. Keep it up and we will see you in the Octagon. I still wanna see you fight Kimbo one day.

  6. First off, hats off to Justin Wren. You fought well against a guy with a ton more experience and a ground game that would give you problems with wrestling. You are completely correct that the only good time to take a guy down like Roy is at the end of the rounds and it may have mattered in the scoring. You live, you learn.

    Second, those that are saying the second round was close need to review how MMA is scored. Roy definitely took the round and all 3 judges agree.

    There was definitely a case to be made for either fighter in the 1st round and there is no wrong decision in regards to who took that. Wren came out hot and stung Nelson with some punches but Roy tied him up and landed some knees (the tie-up and knees count in the scoring FYI) and then started to find a home for his jab toward the latter half of the round. It was a tossup.

    A 3rd round would have been fine and a Nelson decision would have been okay as well but there is no way anyone should be questioning the second round. Wren gassed a bit and was missing with looping punches while Nelson was pinpointing his jab over and over and was probably the aggressor for at least half of the round. Throwing a wild punch does not make you the aggressor.

    Best of luck to Justin the future and I look forward to see you fighting in the big leagues. Peace brother.

  7. Good fight, I was rooting for you to beat Roy and I felt that you did well.

    You have no reason to apologize as it was not a boring fight in the least, you went in there and put it all on the line.

    I have no doubt you will be a success in MMA, you are only 22 and already have the determination and tools you need to be a star one day.

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