“The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights” episode 9 recap – Justin Wren vs. Roy Nelson

What was your opinion on who won the fight between Justin Wren and Roy Nelson?
What was your opinion on who won the fight between Justin Wren and Roy Nelson?

Team Rashad has seven fighters left going into the quarterfinals and Rampage has one. Team Rashad fighters Justin Wren and Roy Nelson will be fighting each other in the first quarterfinal fight bout tonight.

Roy and Justin are friends. Roy said it’s not easy to fight your friends, and you just want to get it over with so you can get back to joking around with them. Justin said Roy has the experience advantage, but he is the young up-and-comer looking to make a statement.

Matt Mitrione a.k.a. “Meathead” came down with a headache, was throwing up, and said he was getting dizzy. Some of the other guys think he probably has a concussion. Some thought he was just faking. If the doctors take him out, this is the chance for an alternate to step in, which most likely will be Kimbo Slice.

Rampage said, “It’s no secret we want Kimbo back in there… he’s the most improved.” Tiki also said Kimbo was his first choice to get back in there because he has that killer instinct.

We’ve been teased with a Kimbo comeback for quite a few weeks now, but maybe this is the real deal. Team Rashad coaches get a little worried because Mitrione hasn’t got back from the doctor yet. They are worried maybe something really is wrong.

Rampage and Tiki went and bought some actual live chickens and put them in the cars of the Team Rashad coaches. There were five chickens in Rashad’s car. Rampage said they fed them a bunch of food beforehand, and this in fact, caused them to crap all over the inside of their cars.

I’m surprised actually those chickens didn’t die in the hot Las Vegas heat inside those cars, but evidently they were OK.

Mitrione finally gets back from the doctor. When Kimbo asks Mitrione what the doctors said, he tells Kimbo, “He rattled my brain.” That’s all “Meathead” says at the time, so the guys are left to try and interpret what that meant. Mitrione says no more, goes to his room, and shuts the door.

Team Rashad coaches ended up letting the chickens go. They were going to turn them over to animal control, but they said they would put them to sleep, so Rashad and his fellas set the chickens free outside (looked like it was next to the gym). – So wild chickens in the summer Nevada desert – I’m sure they didn’t live long.

Dana White shows up at the house. He asks Mitrione if the doctor clears him to fight, will he fight? Mitrione says he will, as long as he doesn’t get light-headed, and feels OK. Honestly, he doesn’t seem too eager. – So we still don’t know who’s going to fight, Mitrione or Kimbo.

Kimbo Slice feels Roy Nelson has the advantage over Justin. He said Roy has good hands and is a black belt in BJJ. He said Justin was the fat kid sneaking in the refrigerator eating jelly doughnuts, with jelly dripping out his mouth, powdered sugar around his lips, as his mom is calling.

That’s pretty f*cked up and not sure what Kimbo’s beef is with Justin.

Roy weighs in at 264 lbs. Justin weighed in at 250 lbs.

Dana said he was very impressed with Justin’s first fight. “Big Baby” said he would like to pick Roy to win, but Justin is “just so cute and likeable.”

Quarterfinal 1 – Fight Time

Justin Wren vs. Roy Nelson

Round 1 – Justin throws the first punches with a couple of left jabs and a right. And again. Justin seems to be the aggressor to start and lands a good left and right. Roy lands a little something too but not much. They clinch and Roy has Justin’s back to the cage. Justin had underhooks and the ref restarts them in the center. Justin lands some big punches. Roy looked to be in a little trouble but, he’s OK. Roy swings but Justin blocks it. A nice one two punch from Justin. Big overhand right that misses from Justin. Roy throws a combo that’s mostly blocked. Rashad keeps yelling at Justin to keep his hands up. Leg kick by Roy. Uppercut by Roy. Left hand by Roy. Leg kick by Roy. Justin has slowed a bit, and throws a couple of bombs that miss. I definitely give that round to Justin 10-9.

This is a damn good fight and Justin has definitely showed he can hang with the big dogs.

Round 2 – Roy lands a left jab. Justin with a nice leg kick. Right hand by Justin, then a leg kick. Justin still controlling the pace. Roy lands one then an overhand right by Justin. Combo then a leg kick by Justin. Roy lands a combo. Justin shoots but Roy stops it. Justin has  a little slip but gets up. Justin grabs a muay thai plum and gets hit with an uppercut. Roy lands a leg kick. Roy lands another leg kick and a jab. Justin’s corner is screaming at Justin to get his hands up. Justin throws a big combo and lands a couple. Justin seems to be the more tired at this point and is eating quite a few punches, mostly jabs and a shot to the body. Couple of wild punches from Justin then a kick to the leg. Right hand by Roy. They clinch. Ten seconds left, that’s it.

Now comes the point when the cameras show everyone saying there just has to be a third round.  – They ALWAYS THINK THERE’S GOING TO BE A THIRD ROUND – and there NEVER is! That’s so funny.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Roy Nelson defeats Justin Wren by majority decision 20-18, 19-19, 20-18).

Dana said Justin destroyed Roy in the first round and said he almost got knocked out. White clearly has little if any love for Roy Nelson.

Rashad said Justin is very tired in round two, and Roy picked up the pace. None of the coaches can believe it went to a decision after only two rounds.

Well, there’s no way in hell Justin should have lost that decision on a ten point must system. Justin CLEARLY won the first round. And you can say Roy won the second if you want to – though I’ve already heard some people say they thought Justin won the second. But, at the very least it should have been a draw and should have gone to a third round.

Dana did question whether or not Justin could have gone another round. It did appear he may have had an adrenaline dump after coming out so heavy in that first round. That could be an experience thing.

We are still going to see Justin Wren in the UFC – don’t worry about that. This is just the beginning for the young 22-year-old heavyweight.

5 thoughts on ““The Ultimate Fighter 10: Heavyweights” episode 9 recap – Justin Wren vs. Roy Nelson”

  1. While Roy is no slouch, (as some on other sites are saying) Justin clearly won the first round. This should have went to a third round, period. Justin Wren got screwed on this one.

  2. The only thing more shocking than the bad decision is the fact that Cecil Peoples wasn’t one of the judges. I thought for sure he was one considering what the scores where.

  3. I have already voiced my opinion on the matter, repeatedly I might add, on Twitter. There should be mandatory drug testing for all MMA judges, because two out of three of them were HIGH!!! What a screw-job that was, 20-18 on two cards? Wow! Justin CLEARLY won the first round and did enough to take the 2nd. Worst case scenario should have went to a 3rd…

  4. this one is a gives a good case for why these fights should be for 3 rounds and count on your MMA & UFC records. 1st round probabl Wren, 2nd round probably Nelson, so 3rd round probably would have settled this, except, gee whiz, an even round in a 2 round fight, oh come on. what is this training ground for judges? why not just let dana pick the winner and be done with it? LOL. or do eeensy-meensy? an even round, what a gut buster. and now on to the next fight please, oh and by the way, i am beyond tired of kimbo following everyone around asking if they are going to drop out, give it a break.

  5. oh please forgive me, it wasn’t an even round, it was an even fight, so maybe that judeg was the one that should be a judge after all, we will see both again though

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