The ‘Cold Steel’ Files #1 | A Chuck O’Neil CES MMA 33 blog

Hey everybody! My name is Chuck “Cold Steel” O’Neil and I’m a professional MMA fighter. I’m scheduled to return to the cage at CES MMA 33 on March 11 at Twin River Casino in Lincoln, R.I., live on AXS TV against Dennis Olson, a former teammate of mine. Leading up to my fight, Pro MMA … Read more

Between Rounds: Growing Fad

MMA isn’t new anymore, it’s mainstream. It has found it’s way into more and more countries and soaked into the American fabric so that fans of all ages are familiar with the sport. Fighters are using many of the tools that established sports use regularly (nutrition, strength and conditioning, cross training, advanced rehab). Still there … Read more

Between Rounds: Between Extremes

I’m told often by colleagues in MMA that I like to travel even more than they do. It’s true, but let me clarify: I like to help this sport and its fighters wherever I can regardless of stateliness or borders. The locations, the talent, the ethical behavior, the promotion quality, it’s been truly interesting to see each what differences the sport brings from extreme to extreme.

Between Rounds: Olympic goals

MMA cutman David Maldonado

I am very grateful to have been recently associated with multiple organizations trying to create criteria and standardization for a future goal of having MMA as an Olympic sport. It is obviously an exciting opportunity for me and of course for the future fighters that can participate.

MMA Coach’s Corner: Healthy Saint Preux sidelined by injuries that are not his own

Ovince Saint Preux

Ovince Saint Preux has had 3 fights in 24 months and he’s been healthy the entire time. In 2012 he was the victim of the collapse of Strikeforce, fighting only 1 time that year. This year, he has fought twice for the UFC – defeating both of his opponents, but a third fight has yet to materialize due to injuries within his division.

The Vidonic Chronicles: Halfway around the world and back

Patricia Vidonic female MMA fighter

Well, I had an amazing time in Guam! Especially during my fight for the PXC  at their 40th event! Thanks to everyone who tuned in, watched and enjoyed the fights! Mei & I put on an exiting fight, just as I envisioned. My coach stated that was the most I had ever stood toe to … Read more

Leo Frincu: What’s your goal in training?

Why do athletes train? I’ll make it short and concise, although each sentence is a definition on it’s own. You don’t train to overcome hard workouts. Your goal in training is to acquire tools to make hard look easy and new look old, quickly. You train to gain and maintain self-control. That’s your ultimate goal. … Read more