Video: Roy Nelson wants his opponents to undergo random drug testing — and he’ll pay for it

Roy “Big Country” Nelson took time out following his open workout Wednesday at the MGM Grand to talk with and other members of the media regarding his thoughts on TRT and steroids in MMA. Nelson also discussed potentially dropping to light heavyweight and how he felt about the last minute change in opponents for UFC 146. Nelson will now face Dave Herman as part of the UFC 146 main card on Saturday.

Roy “Big Country” Nelson knocks out Brendan Schaub to become The Ultimate Fighter

Roy "Big Country" Nelson becomes the winner of The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights.

Well, its finally over folks, The Ultimate Fighter season 10 is now complete, and Roy “Big Country” Nelson (14-4, 1-0 UFC) was awarded the highly coveted six-figure contract with the UFC after knocking out Brendan Schaub (4-1, 0-1 UFC) Saturday night at the Palms in Las Vegas, Nev.

Nelson took Schaub down early in round one, but he was able to scramble back to his feet. The two then traded punches with both landing some decent shots. Although Nelson’s greatest strength is his ground game, he was not afraid to stand and trade punches.

With less than two minutes remaining in the opening round, Nelson landed a huge right hand behind Schaub’s ear that cut his lights out, and dropped him flat on his back to the canvas. Roy followed it up with one more for good measure, and just like that, simultaneously dropped the jaws of a few million people.

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Brendan Schaub to face Roy Nelson in TUF 10 Finale this Saturday night on Spike TV – fight card now complete

Brendan Schaub vs. Roy Nelson will fight to determine who wins a six-figure contract with the UFC.

Well, that’s it folks. The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights final episode, a two-hour special, aired Wednesday night on Spike TV. They teased us with a possible Kimbo Slice come back until the very end, but he did not fight again after losing to Roy Nelson earlier in the season.

The first fight of the night was Matt Mitrione vs. James McSweeney. Mitrione looked tough on his feet but McSweeney choked him out with a guillotine, and advanced to the sem-finals.

Next up was Marcus Jones vs. Darrel Schoonover. Most people considered Schoonover a serious threat coming into this fight. Evidently, Jones was not one of them. He took Schoonover down early, there was a scramble, and Jones ends up knocking Schoonover out from inside his guard. It was a big win for the NFL veteran.

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Justin “The Viking” Wren’s “The Ultimate Fighter 10″ blog – episode 9

At only 22 years of age, Justin Wren has a bright future in MMA and hopefully the UFC.

“The Viking” vs. “Big Country”

At the beginning of the Episode you will see that Rashad gets the team together and tells us there won’t be any coaching done by the coaching staff. The most that we all got was mitts held for us.

I was a little taken by surprise, but it was a much better option than going over to team Rampage! I just think we may have trained a little better if they split up the guys that were fighting each other into two separate practices.

Matt was a head case again, saying he had brain damage, brain swelling, and brain bleeding! Our striking Coach Trevor Wittman was not amused, Coach T is my Coach now in Denver, is phenomenal, and has trained some of the best boxers in the World.

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Spike TV preview – Justin Wren vs. Roy Nelson tonight on The Ultimate Fighter

Tonight on Spike TV, fans will get to see TUF 10 blogger Justin Wren take on seasoned veteran Roy Nelson. This is the type of fight that could be on a UFC card – yet, we get to see it for free! Justin is the youngest cast member on this season of The Ultimate … Read more

Justin “The Viking” Wren’s “The Ultimate Fighter 10″ blog – episode 3

Justin Wren sits between Roy Nelson and Kimbo Slice signing autographs at the UFC Fan Expo.
Justin Wren sits between Roy Nelson and Kimbo Slice signing autographs at the UFC Fan Expo.

Justin Wren TUF 10 blog: Kimbo Slice vs. Big Country

This episode, in my opinion, was a lot better than the last one. The buildup, suspense, and the fight were better than the last. I enjoyed seeing more of the guys training up to the fight… but that is me, a fighter, and I like more of that than any of the drama…haha.

Way to go “Big Country” bringing Team Rashad to 3-0! Going into this fight I believe every one of our team members and coaches saw it playing out the very way it did. The fight was pretty exciting because Kimbo landed some great shots and Roy did what he had to do to win the fight… It could have been a little more exciting if Roy would have landed some better shots though.

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