If you are like most people you can always use some extra energy to get through the day. In fact, there is a huge industry out there that promises to give you all the energy you can handle. From Rockstar to Xenergy, from Yellowjackets to 5-Hour Energy, everyone seems to have the answer.

I was covering a show a few months ago and there was an energy drink sponsoring the event. They handed out some bottles of the drink to the media. It was cold and tasted decent so I gladly accepted. A few minutes later I was sweating and my body was tingling. It gave me energy but it wasn’t the kind of energy I wanted to feel.

Every convenience store in America has some type of product guaranteed to put pep in your step. The main problem with most of these is they contain ingredients you don’t want to put into your body on a regular basis and many of them cause you to “crash” or have adverse side-effects like I described above.

FOODFIGHT is a powdered blend of 100% all natural vegan superfoods formulated to improve physical and mental performance. Young, old, in shape, or out, elite combat athlete, or accomplished couch potato, FOODFIGHT explodes the barriers that keep you from performing your best.

BOOM SUPERFOODS (www.boomsuperfoods.com) has a product called FOODFIGHT that I first tried about a month ago. It is a green powder that you mix with a liquid of your choice. The directions on the container recommend if you are “new to superfoods” starting out with a quarter or half-serving and working your way up to the full serving of one scoop (about 9.6 grams).

The first time I took it I took a whole serving. Within ten minutes I was completely wired. It was not a nervous or jittery energy either. I felt like I could concentrate better. But it was still more energy than I needed to write a few MMA articles. So the next time, I followed directions and started out with about a quarter serving and that suited me perfectly. I mixed it with some juice and it allowed me to do my work with what seemed like extra concentration and motivation.

I have friends that work in the Health Food industry and one in particular who owns his own line of supplements. He actually has his own energy supplement that I will review at a later date. He’s been in that industry for years and years. I asked him to check out the ingredients of FOODFIGHT and from a healthy, legitimate all natural energy product point of view, he said FOODFIGHT is spot on.

If you are wondering what makes a superfood “super,” here’s a definition: a plant derived food that calorie for calorie, gram for gram, or any other way you want to measure it, is exponentially more nutrient dense than similar plant derived foods.

I don’t know about all the technical stuff. I just know how stuff makes me feel and if it can help me get through the day a little easier. I now find myself using FOODFIGHT probably 4-5 times per week, usually about mid-morning to give me that boost for work. One of the best aspects of FOODFIGHT to me is how fast it works.

If you are a serious athlete I can’t imagine a better energy product you could use. Some people use it before a workout for extra energy and some people use it after a workout for a faster recovery.

One of the best things about FOODFIGHT in my opinion is that it contains no caffeine or stimulants. It also contains no whey, gluten, soy, allergens, dairy, peanuts, nuts, fish, shellfish, GMOs, artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors.

FOODFIGHT is a raw vegan, enzymatically active formula (whatever that means…sounds cool though huh?).

Here are some of the main ingredients which make FOODFIGHT so special:

  • Schizandra Berries Premier adaptogen and potent sexual tonic, schizandra is a must for all sexual athletes.
  • Hawthorn Berries In use as a heart tonic for centuries in the West, it is still used extensively today as heart medicine in Europe, Brazil and China.
  • Goji berries Documented human use for at least 5,000 years in Tibet, India and China.
  • Blueberries This native American berry is low glycemic, high in fiber, vitamins C, K, B6, numerous phytonutrients and antioxidants.
  • Nettle Leaf You may be familiar with this dark, leafy green if you have ever been hiking and brushed against its leaves. If so, you won’t forget the burning, itchy rash from the “stinging nettle”.
  • Bladderwrack Brown seaweed that was the original commercial source for iodine in the early 1800s.
  • Kelp A seaweed that has been used by humans for hundreds, probably thousands, of years.
  • Chlorella The ocean harvested version of spirulina with a twist.
  • Spirulina Fresh water blue green algae that is up to 70% protein by weight.
  • Maca Secret energizer of the ancient Inca people, also known as the superfood of the Andes and Peruvian ginseng, maca is a supreme adaptogen

To learn more about BOOM SUPERFOODS and FOODFIGHT, to see some testimonials, or to place an order, visit www.boomsuperfoods.com.

By:  Jack Bratcher

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