In this edition of PRO MMA’s ( Fight Gear Spotlight we want to take a look at the MMA clothing company PROJEKT LABEL ( Not only do they have a complete line of fresh designs and a large selection of men and women’s MMA apparel but they sponsor a whole team of fighters and have a great vision.

On the “Team” page of their website it reads, “Projekt Label takes mixed martial arts seriously. We sponsor professional, as well as up and coming fighters and put them in a position that will allow them to support themselves and pursue their dream of becoming an MMA superstar. Our goal is to not only build the best MMA team on the planet, but to also give back to the sport and help it progress.”

How can you go wrong with a vision like that? The great thing about Projekt Label is when you buy their clothing, you know you are directly helping the sport of MMA grow. Probably most inspiring is their unique line of signature T-Shirts. The fighter gets an even 50/50 split on the gross sale of each shirt sold. Now that is a great deal for the fighter and a great deal for the buyer considering their low price.

They work with their fighters to create designs that represent who they are. For instance Bruce Connors, who recently fought at XFC 8 on HDNet, was a sniper in the Marines and as you can see on his signature shirt below there is a sniper.

Here are a few of my favorite PROJEKT LABEL Fighter Signature T-Shirts:

Most of the Projekt Label Fight Team Signature T-Shirts like the ones above are $14.95 although a few are $11.95.

Here below are a few of my personal favorite designs from each of their other product lines including hoodies, brand name shirts, fight shorts, hats, rash guards, and ladies T-shirts. Keep in mind they have a large selection on each of these lines, these are just a few of my favorites:

Gas Mask

black & white logoCharlie Brown knuckles

Shortswhite shorts with logo

Hat with logo

Lady's Man-BeaterProjekt Girl

If you like what you see here, check out the PROJEKT LABEL website at To learn more about and keep up with the Projekt Label Fight Team visit their blog at

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