One has to be cautious when trying something new like kratom and make sure it’s a reputable source. Too much of anything can be bad and the same can be said of kratom. Use common sense. I’m only telling you my experience here. I had tried kratom in the past but just from a local convenience store and I found it good enough to do it a handful of times several years ago.

I’ve always been interested in different plants and their effect upon us. From spices and herbs to more psychoactive substances such as kratom. Kratom Monkey sent us over a few samples of their products and I wanted to share an honest review here of what I thought. We sampled the Maeng Da Kratom Powder in the Green, Red, White, and Gold varieties.

Kratom has different strains and vein colors and these differences have been well described online such as in this article on Spinfuel. My personal experience with Kratom Monkey’s products were as follows:

  • Red – more relaxing, helped with sleep
  • White – more energetic, alert
  • Green – similar to White but not as intense
  • Gold – more euphoric, mood enhancer, creativity

I would just take about half a heaping teaspoon mixed in some water. It doesn’t really mix too well but that doesn’t really matter. I could generally start feeling the effects in 15 minutes or so. The effects were not very intense but definitely noticeable.

I found Kratom Monkey’s Red Maeng Da Kratom helped me unwind after work and get a better sleep than I was used to. I never noticed any sort of hangover or anything like that with any of their kratom products. The White variety I took before I worked out and it seemed to help me focus more and get through it without as much fatigue maybe. It wasn’t super intense because I purposely wanted to keep the doses small as a baseline. I enjoyed it.

The one I liked the best though was the Gold. For me it seem to bring on a slight feeling of euphoria and uplifted my mood and boosted my creativity such that I finally felt inspired enough to get some work done I had been putting off.

I live in Colorado and when I received their product I realized Kratom Monkey’s home base was just down the road from me. If anybody knows their psychoactive plants it’s Colorado and that gave me enough trust to even want to try it. Also, I’m a user of cannabis and I didn’t really want to do anything that would negatively affect the buzz I was used to. I found no adverse effects with using Kratom Monkey’s kratom and cannabis together. In fact they could be considered complimentary for me.

There is a certain opiate like effect with the kratom. I could see how athletes such as mixed martial artists or skateboarders or whatever could find some benefit with kratom if they are sore. I probably noticed this effect more with the Red.

There’s plenty of online content about kratom and pain relief but I can see how higher doses could really intensify that effect and it’s known that people have used kratom to help them get off of opiates. But people have also become addicted to kratom and experienced bad withdrawals from heavy usage over long periods of time.

Do your research. As previously stated, use common sense. Moderation is key when ingesting anything. Enjoy your life. Help someone.