Christy Mack appears in public, needs couple surgeries to fully recover from beating *Video*

Christy Mack made her first public appearance since suffering a horrific beating allegedly at the hands of her ex-boyfriend and MMA fighter “War Machine”. Mack states that she’s recovering well from the beating that took place about a month ago, and that she’ll need a couple of surgeries for her nose and mouth to fully … Read more

War Machine hit with 32 total charges, facing life in prison

War Machine may never see freedom. He was arraigned today in Las Vegas for charges stemming from the alleged altercation with adult film star Christy Mack. He was sacked with 32 charges and may face life in prison if convicted. The total number of charges aren’t all from the Mack case. He’s been charged with … Read more

Christy Mack recovering, releases new pictures 3 weeks after War Machine incident

Christy Mack is on the road to recovery following the brutal assault she suffered at the hands of War Machine.It was a wild week or so after the attack went down as police searched for War Machine and Mack detailed the assault. The story grabbed headlines on websites and news outlets around the country with … Read more

Dana White responds to making GQ’s ‘sleaziest people in sports’ list

When UFC President Dana White got to work on Thursday, his PR team informed him he’d made GQ’s list of the “Top 25 Sleaziest People in Sports”. White came in at no. 8, right between War Machine and Lance Armstrong. Ouch. Their reasoning is thus: “Turns out underpaying your UFC employees, bullying rivals, and generally … Read more

It wasn’t because of War Machine: Bellator explains Phil Baroni release

MMA veteran Phil Baroni posted a Tweet last night that he had “just got cut from Bellator cause of war”: We can assume Phil was talking about one of his best buds, War Machine (Jon Koppenhaver), who was released from Bellator on Aug. 8¬†due to his alleged involvement in the beating of ex-girlfriend Christy Mack … Read more

Sons of Anarchy’s Chuck Zito makes disturbing statement about War Machine-Christy Mack incident… then apologizes

Chuck Zito, former member of the Hells Angels, Sons of Anarchy star and longtime UFC supporter, was asked about his thoughts on the War Machine-Christy Mack situation. His response was more than a little disturbing. “…it’s personal stuff. I’m sure there’s things that go behind closed doors every day, you just don’t hear about it. … Read more

No Bail: War Machine inmate information

Here’s a screen capture from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office showing the inmate info on Jon Koppenhaver (War Machine), who was captured Friday in connection with the alleged beating of adult film star and ex-girlfriend, Christy Mack, in Las Vegas. READ HOW WAR MACHINE WAS CAUGHT HERE According to the inmate information¬†War Machine is being … Read more

Here’s how War Machine got caught | VIDEO

According to this KTLA channel 5 Los Angeles news report War Machine’s capture at a Simi Valley hotel happened after fellow guests called the cops when they heard him fighting with a woman that had been staying with him in his room for several weeks. Seriously? The guy is on the run for his alleged … Read more