War Machine was transported back to Las Vegas and made his first court appearance as we reported yesterday. Prosecutors piled on over a dozen new charges to go along with the original list of acts he is alleged to have committed. No bond was given so John Koppenhaver, as he is being referred to now in the legal realm, will have to wait it out until his next appearance before the judge. That hearing has been set for October 17th.

Koppenhaver’s attorney said that the time behind bars is taking its toll on the former fighter and described it as stressful. Duh?!

His lawyer also had this to say about his client.

“War Machine is a character, he is an MMA fighter,” according to his attorney, Brandon Sua. “He is controversial, and people need to understand where to draw that line from his character as War Machine and as a person, as Jon Koppenhaver.”

As it stands, War Machine faces 32 felony counts and could spend the rest of his life locked behind bars. Yikes.


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  1. Well, when you’re a stupid enough fuckbag to actually change your name to War Machine, it’s no longer a character. Quite obviously.

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