MMA veteran Phil Baroni posted a Tweet last night that he had “just got cut from Bellator cause of war”:


We can assume Phil was talking about one of his best buds, War Machine (Jon Koppenhaver), who was released from Bellator on Aug. 8 due to his alleged involvement in the beating of ex-girlfriend Christy Mack and a male friend of hers.

Phil had made it known on social media that he was supporting War Machine by, for instance, retweeting links from this guy:

Apparently Phil felt it was because of his support for War Machine that Bellator iced him.

But not so according to a statement received from Anthony Mazzuca, Bellator Director of Communications, when we asked him if Phil’s Tweet was accurate:

“Not true at all. Phil has a great following and has been in the sport for a long time, but with Bellator moving to 15-16 shows in 2015, the roster needs to be scaled back accordingly.”

Phil holds a 15-18 record and has only won two of his last 10 fights. He was knocked out in eight of them, most recently in his Bellator debut by Karo Parisyan in July. It might be time for Phil to give Kryzsztof Soszynski a call.

Phil has since deleted the Tweet.


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  1. In a related story, Unilever Corp (makers of Vaseline) has offered Koppenhaver a 7 – 15 year contract as their national spokesman. Koppenhaver will go by the name ‘Vaseline Machine.’ The contract will expire at the end of his prison incarceration.

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