LOL: Holloway tells Rogan he learned from video games


We love Max Holloway. The former featherweight champion lost his title to Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 245 last Saturday but he still remains one of the greatest featherweights of all time. He wasn’t always that caliber of fighter and what he revealed to Joe Rogan on his podcast was both hilarious – and kind of … Read more

The funniest and most ridiculous UFC video game glitch involves flying

Do not try this in the cage. It is the most feared and difficult technique in MMA video game history. The ‘Brazilian helicopter soul lock’ must be prepared for the week before the attempt is made. Fasting, Tibetan nasal clearances, and Umbuki meditation are crucial pre-requesites for it. Check out the only known footage of this move being pulled off.

Jack Bratcher look out! Destiny leak shows future expansion *SPOILERS*

If this image is real, the upcoming House of Wolves expansion will have three new Story Missions, two new Strikes and one new Raid titled “The Arena”. It’s pretty much in line with the previous expansion, “Dark Below”. Four new Crucible maps will also be included. Thieves’ Den on Venus, Black Shield on Phobos, Widow’s … Read more

More PS4 Blacklight Retribution pro tips, noobs, and stories

Welcome to another column from Blacklight Retribution monster seanmcclureky. If you play the game, you’ve seen the name. I will be broadcasting on Twitch more often soon and the channel name is my player name. First off let me say that it was a tough weekend for me. I almost died last Tuesday by accidentally … Read more

Jones-Cormier and McGregor-Poirier heat continues at UFC 178 Q&A in L.A. UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and no. 1 contender Daniel Cormier were back on stage together again today in Los Angeles after all the craziness that ensued Monday in Las Vegas. The UFC 178 headliners stuck to verbal jabs today and boy were there plenty. The bad blood continues. Not one to be … Read more

EA Sports UFC: Submission gameplay how-to featuring Rousey vs. Tate

We’ve seen plenty of gameplay from the EA Sports UFC video game so far. But now take a look at how submissions will work; how to submit your opponent, and how to defend submission attempts. Watch as UFC women’s bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey tries out her infamous arm bar on her arch rival Miesha Tate. … Read more