Tito Ortiz weighs in on Lesnar’s chances vs Cormier, whether he could beat Lesnar

Tito Ortiz was recently interviewed by Hannibal TV and the topic of the potential super fight between current UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and WWE champion Brock Lesnar. He gave his thoughts on Lesnar’s chances. See I like Brock. Brock’s my boy. My kids love Brock. I like Daniel Cormier also, he’s an amazing athlete. … Read more

Cormier’s coach believes Dana White can delay retirement

Daniel Cormier is the reigning king of the UFC’s heavyweight division and former king of the light heavyweights and incredibly held both titles at the same time. Unless something changes both of those accomplishments will be put up on the shelf in March of 2019 when he has stated he wants to hang up the … Read more

Top UFC fighters of 2018

2018 has been a fantastic year for the UFC as the company continues to grow in popularity around the world. There have been many marquee performances to note, and bookies across the world have seen unprecedented levels of money staked on some of the biggest fights in history. None were bigger than the blockbuster clash … Read more

Daniel Cormier takes a look and declares Lesnar drug free

Man we love Daniel Cormier. The champ-champ has been doubted his entire career because while he has the pedigree he doesn’t have the physique that screams “I’m a fighter”. His build is nestled somewhere between Randy Couture and Roy Nelson. Randy Nelson. Randy Roy Nelson. When it was announced that DC had an impending bout … Read more

Gus says Jones era is done after UFC 232

Alexander Gustafsson is fighting Jon Jones for the light heavyweight belt for a second time. The difference now is that the belt sits vacant after Daniel Cormier moved up a weight class. Gus lost a close decision to Jones at UFC 165 and he’s looking for redemption at UFC 232 on December 29th. At a recent media scrum he claims that after they fight this time the Jones era is officially done. Check it out.

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Jones goes hard at Daniel Cormier

I just, I mean…seriously. Whenever Jon Jones goes on social media I want to tag the stories about it as ‘entertainment’ and ‘comedy’. Despite having beaten rival Daniel Cormier for the light heavyweight title once, technically twice until Jones failed a drug test, and despite the fact that Cormier moved up and won the heavyweight … Read more

VIDEO: Covington takes aim at Nick Diaz with vicious slam

Nick Diaz is scared homie. That is if you believe what Colby Covington is selling on BJPenn.com Radio. There was a bout agreement between Covington and Diaz that briefly floated around but ultimately turned out to be just rumors. Instead we got Daniel Cormier vs Mr. Hot Balls Derrick Lewis at UFC 230 and we’re … Read more

Jeff Novitsky addresses ‘glitch’ in Brock Lesnar drug testing data amid conspiracy theories

There was a little bit of a kerfuffle over a ‘glitch’ involving Brock Lesnar recently. In mid-October the Athlete Test History database displayed that Lesnar had submitted 6 drug tests in 2018. So far so good. Here’s where the tinfoil hats get involved. The number was recently changed to just 5 tests. When USADA came … Read more

What To Look Out For In The UFC During 2019

It has been another packed year of great events in the UFC and with a packed December card still to go, it has been a great year for the organization. 2018 belongs to Daniel Cormier who was able to become the first event light heavyweight and heavyweight champion beating Stipe Miocic by KO in the … Read more

Sonnen feels Jones won’t be as good in Gus rematch, Cormier stays at heavyweight

According to Chael P Sonnen we will see a ‘diminished’ Jon Jones in his rematch against Alexander Gustafsson later this year. He also makes it clear that Daniel Cormier should not drop down to fight Jon again for a third time at the 205 pound limit. Daniel is almost 40 and cutting weight doesn’t get easier with age so the heavyweight champ should stay at heavyweight. Just listen to everything Sonnen says and tell us he doesn’t make sense.

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