The insanity has started up again.

Most of you know from our site and others that current UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has been posting on social media about his willingness to fight Francis Ngannou at heavyweight. He stated that his plan was to first fight at a catch weight of 220 pounds as a warm-up and then for “buckets of cash“ he would face Francis in a big money fight. We’ve heard discussions of Jon moving to heavyweight in the past but for some reason this time it seems like it could actually happen.

There isn’t much left for Jon to prove at 205 pounds. He has beaten everyone they have placed in front of him since becoming champion. Not only has he beaten some of the best in the game but he has made it look easy at times. Perhaps his greatest rival is and will always be remembered as Daniel Cormier. Jones has beaten Daniel twice and yes we know the second was overturned to a no contest when Jon tested positive for a banned substance but the fact is he had his hand raised at the end of that fight. There was no faking their animosity towards each other and if you wanted to prove to someone else that it was very real you could just show them the press conference brawl. That is as real as it gets. Maybe that’s why when a video featuring Daniel showed up in the feed of Jon‘s Instagram it came as quite a shock.

The champ has had so many haters over the years, so many doubters, and every time he has proven them wrong. Since he and Francis have been going back-and-forth on social media about facing each other the haters are back. This time they are claiming that Jones is too scared to fight the heavy hitter to which any real fan would say bollocks at. Nevertheless that is the current Internet troll storyline they are pushing forward but his nemesis was having none of it.

Here is the video of Daniel defending Jon and the caption from the champ says it all.

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