Cutman Maldonado prepping Heather Clark
Cutman Maldonado prepping Heather Clark

There are good and bad sides to the sport of MMA. It is a volatile industry where nothing is guaranteed and little can be depended up0n. Fighters may no show, shows may get canceled, the best man may not win, and promises may be broken. It is with great joy that I turn focus on the bright side, two examples of those that society and the sport can be proud to call their own. And those two gentlemen were rewarded for their commitment with contracts in an organization that for the fighters is the highest achievement currently possible.

Mirsad Bectic and Scott Holtzman are without question two of the most quality gentlemen that I have had the honor of working with in my years as a cutman. Integrity, respect, class, and discipline are just a few of the words that I can use to describe these elite fighters. They have dominated their competition and set themselves apart in the cage and in recent months were rewards with UFC contracts. Sitting up close at their fights over the past years, I knew their day would come. But what has caught my attention was how they treated others when nobody was watching and how regardless of how their careers will finish, they are victorious on my scorecard.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with them and hope that future fighters base their approach to MMA and life in general on the standard those two men have set.


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