ronda rousey with leo frincuWhy do athletes train? I’ll make it short and concise, although each sentence is a definition on it’s own.

You don’t train to overcome hard workouts. Your goal in training is to acquire tools to make hard look easy and new look old, quickly. You train to gain and maintain self-control.

That’s your ultimate goal. Becoming physically strong will naturally happen as a result of your efforts. What you need to learn from your workouts is how to intelligently manage your own resources and ways to tap into your highest potential.

You don’t lose your fight because you’re not strong enough or in bad shape, you lose due to your lack of self-awareness and lack of confidence. How many people in top physical shape have lost their fights? 50% percent of competitors are the losers.

How many times are you going to say, “I need to train harder”? How many times are you going to do the same thing but expect different results? Training is what you’re left with after you wipe off your sweat and walk out the gym.

Training is learning to make good decisions under pressure. Training is getting into it, not over it. Training is what goes into your head and not what comes out of your pores.

The purpose of training is not to get physically strong, a monkey can do that; your goal is to master yourself and own the ability to commit to a certain performance. Your goal is to create an alliance between your mental state and your physical shape.

Your goal is to understand your training, believe in it and use it as a platform for your growth process. Training is more than counting reps, pushing weights and getting through it. Training is purpose and reason, rational and spiritual.

Remember one thing… you’re doing well until you find out you can do it better.

Now I have a question for you,

What is your goal?
leo-frincuLeo Frincu came to the United States from Communist Romania with $10, a back pack and four words of English. Now, he’s a businessman, renowned trainer and mentor for UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey. Among his many athletic accomplishments, Leo is a six-time Romanian wrestling champion, four-time European champion and was also trainer and coach for the 2003 U.S. Olympic Wrestling Team. Leo is the author of a new book, “Choosing Freedom,” which details the steps he took to leave the oppressive Romanian society through wrestling and how his experiences have helped him in the United States – going from a bus boy to successful entrepreneur. You can learn more about Leo Frincu on his website Also, follow Leo on Twitter @leofrincu and “LIKE” his page on Facebook.

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