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Well, I had an amazing time in Guam! Especially during my fight for the PXC  at their 40th event! Thanks to everyone who tuned in, watched and enjoyed the fights! Mei & I put on an exiting fight, just as I envisioned. My coach stated that was the most I had ever stood toe to toe with anyone, and I think that made him smile inside.

Our fight was action packed, lots of stand up, ground, takedowns. It was just a fun MMA fight. Check out the full fight here. Our walk outs are both pretty cool too! Mei is a tough lady with a lot of skill and experience. I greatly appreciate her accepting the fight with me. She is gracious and nice as all can be.

Big thanks go out to everyone at the PXC for having me and hopefully having me back (you have some pretty belts).Thanks to Spike22 gym for the invite, your gym is AWESOME and I cant wait to come back to train longer! Ken, Eli, Danny, Kim, and all the PXC crew in Guam and abroad you are all wonderful and it will be a pleasure to work with you again! I’m game to fight any lady in the 115# division ;-) I would like to also say “Congrats” to the PXC on their 10th anniversary! And thanks again for the opportunity to showcase my skills in your cage in beautiful Guam!
While we were in Guam we stayed at the Pacific Islands Club Guam. It’s a fabulous resort, very helpful and lots of fun activities to do! We went canoeing on the ocean, snorkeling twice, and lots of pretty sight seeing. Not to mention the awesome view we had from our room balcony. Every night we could watch and hear the dinner show, with the fire throwing from our room.
After a good nights sleep we (Alvin, a fighter from Cali, his coach Rudi, Jason and I) went to Spike22‘s gym on Tuesday morning. All I have to say is this place is a sweet outdoor gym, covered mat area with bags and cage. There’s some cardio equipment, tires, kettlebells, weights and good people to make this place unforgettable and perfect.

The weather was humid, (they had some typhoons blow through the week prior) warm and it rained when we were done a couple hours later. Alvin and I warmed up on the bikes together then worked with our coaches. I did my warm up & some cardio with my Training Mask first. I couldn’t resist taking it half way around the world & using it. When we were working I noticed someone watching from a chair alongside the matted area. A little later on the gym’s black belt stepped onto the mats and shook our hands. I realized that was the guy watching from the chair not too long ago. Being new to the area, I was versed that he is also the promoter. Major kudos to him for partaking in the sport in which he makes money from, it says a lot about someone. Next time we will have to stay a few days after to hit up more sights, culture and training. Oh and a BBQ ;-)

We took 3 trips to a local food joint called Meskla Dos. They are known for their Chamoru BBQ and burgers. Jason ate their bbq plate with chicken and short ribs with their Andy’s sauce, made with Boonie peppers. He liked the sauce so much that the manager made him 2 bottles to bring home. Let’s see what I can create with this delicious, spicy sauce. I had their grilled chicken twice, right after weigh ins and for dinner before I fought. They had some crazy burger called the grilled cheese burger, we took a pic of it when someone ordered it. I showed the pic to Marky and I made them when we got home for dinner for my guys. When I make some food with Andy’s sauce I will post it, and tag them in it. Thanks for all of your hospitality and support to all the Meskla Dos staff.

Don’t ever forget where you came from and who helped you get there. A lot, actually most, people have NO idea who exactly is on my “team” and who trains with me as a main partner. You’re going to know now…it’s Jason, he’s my coach/manager/husband, so yes that is my main training partner. I don’t have a big fancy gym, with lots of people, I do have some bodies that I am truly grateful to have; however, not numbers of experienced fighters like most. I have had a few training partners in the past, but it’s hard to find true dedication. Being a fighter is not a glamorous life; rolling around, being sweaty/stinky, bleeding, getting beaten on, and the list goes on. Oh and not even for what a fraction of what boxers make. I do it because I love it and we don’t mind “living within our means.” My family is happy and healthy, we enjoy spending time together and are a team of our own. What I have, I worked hard to get and wish to continue to grow in this sport, as well as other avenues I am interested in. Hard work pays off, don’t forget it.

We had a 16 hour time difference so, we decided to get acclimated before we left, so we could enjoy Guam while we were there. The weather was so nice, the water was so warm, then the day after we got back to Montana, it snowed… Please enjoy the Facebook albums and the photos below!

As for that, thank you for reading my blog, stay tuned for my nutrition and workout log starting again next week!! Thanks for your patience, I was focused and ready for this fight, all of your support is amazing!

I am truly thankful for all of my sponsors ~.Nutrabio for making sure that all of my supplemental needs are met. Training Mask, for giving me a tool to improve both my physical and mental capabilities as an athlete.I am a cardio machine! Soap-a-licious makes sure my skin is healthy and I am smelling fresh and clean. Dawgs 4Ever 4Ever Dawgs is a huge supporter of MMA, thanks Paul for your continued love and support! It‘s hunting season, so if you are in need of a full service taxidermist get a hold of my friend Jake at Adventure Taxidermy Studio, you don‘t have to be local. I appreciate Aces of Billings Montana for printing up my fight clothes & weigh in shirt. Solo Graphics for always hooking up an awesome banner to show my love for all of you sponsors. I appreciate my sanctuary, gym, second home, or whatever it’s called…It’s filled with so many different types of people, yet we all are there for a common goal. In turn makes for an encouraging, and challenging environment.

I want to thank my MMA coach/manager/husband…need I say more; I am grateful to have you to push me whether I want to be or not. You always have my best interest and you are willing to stand up for me in any instance. Thanks to my Oly lifting coach Phil Sanderson for your time and everyone I lift with for, well lifting heavy stuff early in the morning with me!

I want to shout out to my gym & second home Alternative Athletics Crossfit and 4th Ave. Dojo, this is truly the best place on earth!!

I want to say thanks to all of my fans, family, and friends for all of your continued love and support!. Thanks to Jack  with ProMMANow; as well as my sponsors ~ Training Mask ~ ~ Adventure Taxidermy Studio LLC. Andrew Vecere Attorney at Law  ~   ~ Solo Graphics ~ Dawgs 4ever 4ever Dawgs  ~ ACES of Billings Montana  ~ Damage Control Mouthguards

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