Cutman David Maldonado prepping MMA fighter Luke Sanders
Cutman David Maldonado prepping MMA fighter Luke Sanders

I have been grateful to work with a number of great fighters over the past years in MMA. Multiple fine promotions have trusted me with their investments by having me protecting their fight card on a given night. The list of companies is long and range from coast to coast. Many fans out there when they think of their favorite or most exciting night of fights will reflect on some UFC card from years past. However I will be leading with fervor the stance that the Super Bowl of MMA will be taking place in a mere 10 days in Tunica, MS.

There is no discussion that it will be the Super Bowl of my career and I’m glad to claim such a statement. It comes in the form of a tangle (modified phrase credited to announcer Mike Markham) between two of the best promotions in the world, RFA vs. Legacy. They are pulling no punches as they put forward the best of their respective stables to battle for pride and bragging rights. Proud that the ownership of both groups were willing to put this together, they will give fans a PPV worthy card to enjoy on AXS television. As I see it, there will be no less than co-co-co-co-co-co main events to pack the program from the very start. Word has it that there is another fight to watch in another U.S. city with lots of casinos in May, but it will be an afterthought compared to what the Horseshoe in Tunica will offer.

Multiple belts on the line, multiple likely calls from the UFC to victors from that night, the tension will be high. Excitement for many outside the cage will exist as Burt Watson will be in the building, though I’m certain the familiar faces will be a long list as onlookers in the crowd. My longtime friend Gary Thomas will be documenting the excitement and the reunion will be a great treat.

Unless there is a child being born that night (and I strongly recommend if that is the case you choose a hospital with cable television sports packages), you have no excuse to miss out on the action on May 8th!

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