FieLDS K-1 World Grand Prix 2008 in Hawaii, is the US tournament qualifier for the K-1 World Grand Prix finals that take place in December in Tokyo, Japan. Broadcast in 135 counties, K-1 World Grand Prix is one of the most watched and most popular fighting events in the world.

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Dana White and other members of the UFC were at the Mall of America this week doing press for UFC 87.  Although Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is not fighting on this card, it seems Dana probably had  Quinton come along so everyone can see he’s doing fine, so he could answer some questions, and also probably … Read more

Takahashi vs Overeem set for Sengoku 4 – Kazuhiro Nakamura will fight at Sengoku5

Official Press Release:

World Victory Road confirmed that the Middleweight GP Series will start at Sengoku 5 on 28th September in Yoyogi National Gymnasium. Kazuhiro Nakamura drops his weight to participate in the Sengoku Middleweight GP. The other participants are Evangelista Cyborg from Chute Boxe, Siyar Bahadurzada who is SHOOTO Light Heavyweight Champion, and 2007 Strikeforce Middlweight Tournament winner Jorge Santiago.  Also confirmed was the additional fight in Sengoku 4 with Kazuo Takahashi facing Valentijn Overeem on  August 24th.

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Dana White’s UFC 87 Video Blog: Rampage Doing Great!

Dana White takes us along on a journey with him this week as he prepares for UFC 87. We get to tag along with him to interviews, hotel rooms, plane rides, make public appearances, hang out with Rampage, and a lot more. It’s an interesting look behind the scenes at how the most powerful figure in Mixed Martial Arts spends the days leading up to one of the UFC’s biggest events of the year, UFc 87: Search and Destroy. Enjoy the ride and enjoy UFC 87!

See the rest of Dana’s UFC 87 Video Blogs for the entire week after the jump.

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Countdown To UFC 87 Was Ridiculous

by:  Kelvin Hunt

Ridiculously good that is and clearly the UFC has the right idea with this show in creating new stars.  There were three main objectives with the hour long show.

  1. Paint Jon Fitch as a worthy challenger, and provide some detailed history about his upbringing
  2. Same process for Roger Huerta and Kenny Florian
  3. Paint Brock Lesnar as a real fighter instead of hyping up his WWE days

While the GSP/Fitch fight is a given for the hardcore fans, most casual fans still do not know who Fitch is.  I thought the show did a great job of letting the casual fan know just exactly who Jon Fitch is and where he came from.  While GSP is bordering on superstar status, I think they showed just enough of him to let people know who Fitch is fighting.  Great job in realizing that Fitch needs more exposure instead of giving a lot of time to GSP.

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August 8 has Men & Women’s MMA Action in Las Vegas at TUFF-N-UFF

by:  Jack Bratcher

On Friday, August 8th, 2008, TUFF-N-UFF will showcase a men and women’s amateur Mixed Martial Arts extravaganza in Las Vegas, Nevada at the Orleans Hotel and Casino.  Founded in 1994, TUFF-N-UFF received one of the first mixed martial arts promotional licenses in Nevada.  They have also had a huge influence on providing credibility to the amateur MMA scene by being the first promotion to receive sanctioning from the Nevada Athletic Commission.  Barry Meyer, President of TUFF-N-UFF, said, “We did the ground work making several presentations to the Nevada State Athletic Commission and received the official amateur approval,” Meyer said. “It was tough, but it was worth all of the hard work to provide a place for the future stars of MMA to shine.”  TUFF-N-UFF held their first event in 2003 and featured quite a few fighters who have gone on to make names for themselves and appear in the UFC.  Fighters such as Sam Morgan, Rob Emerson, Shonie Carter, and Jon Fitch have all fought in the TUFF-N-UFF organization.

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by:  Jack Bratcher

Most of you will recognize this beautiful young lady as a former UFC Ring Girl and she made a lot of fans there.  Many have said that she and Arianny Celeste made the best Ring Girl team of all time.  She still has ties to the MMA world in more ways than one.  You will learn here that there’s much more to this young lady than just a pretty face.  But honestly, when you have a face that pretty, do you really  need more?  Probably not.  Regardless of that, PRO MMA is proud to present to you, Ms. Ali Sonoma!

PRO MMA:  Ali Sonoma. I have always loved that name. Could you tell us your full name and how your parents picked the name Ali for you? Is “Ali” short for anything?
My full name is Alison Amanda Sonoma, I was named after Ali McGraw from the classic movie ‘Love Story’…I was always called Ali, I only get “Alison” when I’m in trouble.


Horodecki gets Afflicted & will Fight at Day of Reckoning

by:  Jack Bratcher

Affliction Entertainment held a news conference at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino on Wednesday to announce their next event, apocalyptically dubbed “Day of Reckoning” (cue sound of thunder).  One might suggest Affliction management has some cojones coming into the hometown of the UFC to hold their next event showcasing some of the UFC’s former biggest stars.  However, you don’t see any of the Vegas venues closing the doors on Affliction, not allowing them to set foot on the sacred ground of UFC territory.  Loyalty such as that may as well by a myth when millions of dollars are at stake.  Evidently it’s all systems go for Affliction’s “Day of Reconing” and here’s how the card is shaping up:

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Dana White Calls Roger Huerta A Moron (Audio Interview)

by:  Jack Bratcher

Dana White was on today’s edition of Drive This, a Hardcore Sports Radio daily program.  Dana was in the studio promoting UFC 87 on the Sirius Satellite radio station which also features such programs as Mauro Ranallo’s Fight Network Radio.  UFC 87, this Saturday, August 9th, headlines with a Middleweight Title Fight that has GSP defending his title against Jon Fitch.  Dana says it will be a hard fight for the Canadian; harder than many may think.  Also appearing on the card will be Brock Lesnar against Heath Herring and Roger Huerta versus Kenny Florian.  Dana says it’s going to be a hard fight for Lesnar as well.

As you can imagine, Dana has some thoughts about Roger Huerta and some of the recent comments he’s been making regarding his contract with the UFC and fighter pay.  First of all, Dana makes it a point for everyone to remember who built Roger Huerta.  Then Dana says he thinks Huerta has been reading the headlines about himself and maybe buying into his own hype too much.  He says Huerta must be thinking, “look at all the promotion I’m getting, I must be worth more money.  But he hasn’t fought anyone yet to get the money.  If he beats Kenny Florian, that’s a whole other ball game.  Now we can start talking.”

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Greg Maynard Wins Gladiator Fighting Championship’s Heavyweight Title

by:  Jack Bratcher

A couple of weeks ago in our Southeastern Amateur Spotlight, PRO MMA introduced you to Greg Maynard who was getting ready to fight for Gladiator Fighting Championship’s Heavyweight Title.  On Saturday August 2nd, Greg Maynard faced Bobby Seale in Pikeville, KY to decide who would be the next Amateur Heavyweight Champion after the former champ stepped down.  PRO MMA caught up with Greg after the event to find out how the fight went down.  Here’s what Greg had to say:

“We came out exchanged a few punches and I shot in and took him down…He caught me with a good left that busted my nose pretty good…I could feel the blood starting to run and it was hard to breathe, so i shot in and took him to the ground…I was bleeding pretty bad when we hit the ground, that’s why the ref stopped it for a sec…I was bleeding all over him…we restarted in the same position and I just hammered away until the ref stepped in and stopped it!”

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