“MFC 23: Unstoppable” live play-by-play commentary & results

Photo courtesy of MFC - Thales Leities faces Dean Lister in the MFC 23 main event.

UFC veterans Thales Leites and Dean Lister face each other tonight in the main event at “MFC 23: Unstoppable”, which takes place at the River Cree Resort and Casino, just outside Edmonton, Alberta. Co-main event action features a middleweight bout between Solomon Hutcherson and Jason MacDonald. And another UFC veteran, Marvin “The Beast Man” Eastman, will take on Dwayne Lewis in a light heavyweight showdown.

Stick with us here at ProMMA.info tonight as we provide LIVE play-by-play, round-by-round commentary. If you have HDNet, you can catch the fights live beginning at 9PM CT/10PM ET.

“MFC 23: Unstoppable” quick results:

•Nick Penner def Ryan Fortin by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 2 (3:31)
•Ryan Machan def. Kajan Johnson by submission (rear-naked choke) Rd 1 (3:30)
•Billy Hua def. Kenny Hamilton by TKO (punches) Rd 2 (:20)
•Jesse Juarez def. Joe Cristopher by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
•Dwayne Lewis def. Marvin Eastman  by TKO (punches) Rd1 (4:58)
•Bryan Baker def. Art Santore by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)
•Ryan Jimmo def. Emanuel Newton by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
•Jason MacDonald def. Solomon Hutcherson by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)*
•Thales Leites def. Dean Lister (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

    (WW) Joe Christopher vs. Jesse Juarez

    Juarez (14-4-1) out of Torrance, Calif./JoeJitsu Christopher (9-2) out of Dallas, Texas. Christopher walks out to AC/DC’s TNT, wearing JACO clothing. Juarez comes out to some hardcore rap, “Throw it up motherf*ck*rs, throw it up!” Juarez is a 2005 collegiate wrestling champ. Juarez wearing HITMAN shorts.

    Round 1 – Juarez gets the takedown right away. In half guard. Christopher goes for a knee bar, really going for it. Juarez pounds him for his troubles, and gets free. Cristopher still going for it and Juarez puts his head through the ropes to try and escape. Ref restarts it. JoeJitsu still going for submissions and Juarez still defending. Juarez gets side control. JoeJitsu staying VERY busy from the bottom, constantly looking for subs. Juarez continues to land strikes, nothing devastating but some solid shots. Juarez has Joe stuffed in the corner, he postures up now and lands a couple shots. JoeJitsu has not thrown a single strike yet, just looking for subs. Ref calls for action. Juarez gets mount and lets his hands go. Ten seconds… Bell sounds with Juarez on top. ProMMA.info scores round 10-9 for Juarez.

    Round 2 – Leg kick by Joe. Head kick by Juarez. Joe shoots in, looking for the leg. Juarez stops him and takes control from side mount, half guard. Joe looking for that leg again. Juarez keeping his weight all over Cristopher. Ref stands them up. Head kick blocked by Juarez, then he gets the takedown with ease, which Joe basically just let him take him down because that’s where he wanted to be.  Ref stands them back up. And it goes straight back to the ground. It was a weird stand up really. Obviously, ref just did not want them on the ground. Cristopher working on a guillotine. Juarez picks him up over his head and slams him hard, and it worked, he is free, in Cristopher’s guard now. Ref calls for action. Joe Jitsu looking for subs. ProMMA.info scores the round 10-9 for Juarez.

    Round 3 – Guy Mezger actually thought Joe won the last round ( He did NOT throw a single punch that I remember). Fight goes to the ground. Ref tells Cristopher, “Show me you’re still in this fight.” Cristopher still looking for knee bars and is CONSTANTLY moving, searching for subs. Juarez on top in guard. I still can’t believe Mezger called that last round for Joe. Juarez slammed him SO damn hard. Mezger said he gave him that round basically because of the guillotine he tried. — OK back here. Cristopher still looking for subs and chokes. They scramble and Juarez back in full guard. Ref calls for action. Juarez not doing much here except laying on Cristopher. “Work to finish,” says the ref. Ref stands them up for the final ten seconds. ProMMA.info scores the round 10-9 and the fight 30-27 for Jesse Juarez. Mezger says Juarez won because he was in better condition. I partially agree. In my opinion Cristopher needs to use some striking in his game.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Jesse Juarez def. Joe Cristopher by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

    (LHW) Dwayne Lewis vs. Marvin Eastman

    Eastman is 40 years old. 34-year-old Lewis has a record of 9-4, and holds a win over Marcus Hicks. The Beast Man with a record of 17-11, comes in to some rap music. Eastman sponsored by Full Tilt Poker. Eastman dancing a little bit on his way to the ring. Eastman, fighting out of Las Vegas, is only 1-4 in his last five fights. I like Eastman, I would like to see him win.

    Round 1 – Eastman shoots after Lewis swings and misses. Puts Lewis on his back with a great powerful takedown that shot him all the way across the ring. Eastman on top in Lewis’s half guard. Eastman postures up on his feet and throws some shots to the body and to the head. Lewis trying to hold on as much as possible. Eastman trying to pass the guard but he’s in the corner of the ropes. Ref puts them in the center of the ring. Lewis throws some big shots from the bottom and connects. Marvin postures up, eats one in the chin. Marvin can’t get off cause of Lewis’s defense. Ref stands them up. This is a pro Lewis crowd. Lewis with a punch that is blocked. You can tell Lewis has power in his hands. Eastman shoots, Lewis stuffs it, and puts Eastman’s back in the corner. Clinched. Eastman grabs a plum with less than ten seconds left and Lewis lands two huge uppercuts that knock Eastman out. He falls to his back. The ref tries to get Lewis off as he is still punching at Eastman. Mezger says Lewis should be fined for the late shots. With just two seconds left – Lewis ended it. I feel terrible for Eastman lost five of his last six. Very sad.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Dwayne Lewis def. Marvin Eastman  by TKO (punches) Rd1 (4:58)

    Kenny Rice says it was not a TKO but a straight KO and I TOTALLY AGREE.

    (MW) Art Santore vs. Bryan Baker

    37-year-old Team Quest fighter Art Santore (18-6) fighting out of Temecula, Calif. He is wearing Clinch Gear. 24-year-old Bryan Baker (10-1), who trains with Team Wildman Vale Tudo, walks out to some rap music wearing Natural Born Fighter. He fights out of Victorville, Calif.

    Round 1 – Big leg kick from Baker. Santore lands some nice punches on Baker’s chin. Baker is landing some nice kicks but he is leaving his chin open. Another leg kick by Baker, then Santore rocks him with a punch. Leg kick twice by Baker. Head kick blocked from Baker. Santore gets dropped with a punch, he’s on his back, Baker still standing, kicking the legs of Santore. Santore seems to be okay for the moment, but just ate another shot. He gets up and lands a punch. Flying knee by Baker. Leg kick by Santore. Baker throws a combo and a body kick. Left punch from Santore, then takes an eye poke. Santore is leaving his chin wide open, and their boxing is looking damn sloppy. Santore grabs a knee bar as Baker tries to stomp him. Baker smashes him with his other leg. Santore gets on top of Baker, Baker goes for a triangle, then an armbar. Great scramble here. Awesome finish on the ground. ProMMA.info scores the round 10-9 for Baker.

    Round 2 – Santore has a very bad cut. And Stitch Duran was definitely not working his corner. Baker lands a nice right. Then lands a couple more. Body kick by Baker. Combo from Santore, and leaving his face wide open. Nice left hook from Santore. Leg kick by Baker. Leg kick from Santore. Mezger praising Santore for his heart. Nice left, right by Baker. Santore picks up the pace with the punches, both of them really going back and forth. Leg kicks and combos from both guys. Santore’s hands are so low. Nice straight left to the chin by Santore. Not much power on Santore’s shots. Mezger keeps saying he’s pushing his punches and not snapping them. Nice jab by Santore. Baker lands some big punches and the blood is flowing big time from Santore. It’s a bar room brawl at this point. They are ducking and jiving and punching. Ref calls time to get his mouth piece in. Santore’s face is maybe the worst I have ever seen in a fight. He looks like a horror movie death scene.  I have no idea how to score this round. I will give it to Baker because of Santore’s face is a bloody mess and was landing the harder shots although Santore may have landed more. ProMMA.info scores the round 10-9 for Baker.

    Round 3 – CompuStrike had Santore landing over twice as many strikes in the last round but they weren’t as powerful. Ref keeps telling the fighters to “keep those hands close.” Left hook from Baker. Leg kick by Santore. “Blue, show me your still in it,” says the ref, which befuddles me. Head kick by Baker, he slips to the ground, and Santore jumps on top of him. Baker locks in a triangle and is smashing the head of Santore with elbows. Ref tells Santore he better do something. 50 seconds left. Santore escapes and gets side mount. Lands a nice elbow. They scramble some and the bell sounds. Wow. This was a really great fight. Not the highest skill level but damn fun to watch. ProMMA.info scores the round 10-9 and the fight 30-27 for Baker.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Bryan Baker def. Art Santore by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

    (LHW) Ryan Jimmo vs. Emanuel Newton

    Ryan Jimmo (11-1) walks in to Johnny Cash. Emanuel Newton (18-5-1) comes in quickly to some speed metal. Newton is trained by Antonio McKee.

    Round 1 – Leg kick by Jimmo gets caught. Head kick by Newton blocked. Leg kick from Jimmo. Head kick blocked by Jimmo. Leg kick by Jimmo. Head kick by Jimmo. Newton comes in swinging, they tie up, dirty boxing, knees on the inside by Newton, and Jimmo. Still dirty boxing from the clinch. Newton gets a takedown but Jimmo pops right up. Newton hip tosses Jimmo back to the ground but he bounces up right again. Jimmo warned for holding the rope. Round ends with the guys still clinching. Close round but I give the round by an edge to Newton 10-9.

    Round 2 – Newton throws a few punches then they clinch. More dirty boxing, and knees by both fighters. Ref says they need to make something happen. They don’t so Ref re-starts them in the middle. Both swing and miss. Jimmo with a leg kick, and another one, and one more. Body kick from Jimmo, and Newton clinches up, and presses Jimmo against the ropes. This fight is putting me to sleep. Yellow card for both guys… oh wait, I was day dreaming I was in Japan. They break the hug and land some punches then back to the hug. Wow, what a crappy round. ProMMA.info scores the round 10-9 for Newton, although I would not argue with anyone who gave it to Jimmo.

    Round 3 – The boys really like each other and go straight to the hug. They must have really missed each other between rounds and couldn’t wait to hug it out. Crowd with some boos, they restart in the center. Throw a few punches, then back to the hug. Jimmo gets a trip takedown and Newton pops right up. Head kick to the jaw by Jimmo, but did not seem to affect Newton much. Jimmo throwing more kicks. Everyone screaming for their fighter to let it go. They exchange some punches. Jimmo gets his kick caught and Newton goes back to the hug. Ref tells them to make it happen. Ten seconds. Jimmo lets ’em fly at the end. I give that round to Jimmo for the head kick basically, but I give the fight to Newton by and edge. However I would not argue nor care one bit if they give Jimmo the win. It was Jimmo’s 12th win in a row.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Ryan Jimmo def. Emanuel Newton by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

    (MW) Solomon Hutcherson vs. Jason MacDonald

    Hutcherson 11-5 is out of Roufusport with Duke Roufus. MacDonald is 21-13 and went to Xtreme Couture to train for this fight.

    Round 1 – Hutcherson comes in swinging trying to take it right to MacDonald but MacDonald shoots in gets the takedown, gets the mount, and locks in a triangle. Hutcherson gets out using all his strength. They stand and clinch. This is a very important fight for both guys. MacDonald has lost his last three. He gets the takedown with a single leg. Now in half guard. Hutcherson reverses and gets on top in MacDonald’s guard. MacDonald turns him over and takes his back. Bad position for Hutcherson. Hutcherson fighting and defending but Mac has a figure four lock around the waist. Mac is putting face locks on him, and now has it on top of the chin. Pulls it tight but has to let go. Mac locks it in again but its on top of the chin. Mac still has his back, switches to an armbar as ten seconds are left. Knees by Hutcherson as the bell sounds. ProMMA.info scores the round easily 10-9 for MacDonald. Great showing  by “The Athlete.”

    Round 2 – Fight goes to the ground and Hutcherson is in Mac’s guard. Hutcherson lands a nice punch and an elbow. Mac has him tied up in half guard. Hutcherson landing rabbit punches from the full guard now. Mac looking for the sweep with a butterfly. Hutcherson winning the round so far by controlling the fight from the top position and landing ground and pound. Mac ties up Hutcherson’s leg and is able to take his back. Mac has a figure four lock again and is looking for the rear-naked choke again. Mac softening him up. Hutcherson warned for sticking his leg outside the ring on the rope. Actually MacDonald’s head is resting on the rope. MacDonald going for an arm triangle, Hutcherson  sweeps though and ends the round sort of on top. It’s a close round. Mezger thinks MacDonald got the round. I will agree I guess. 10-9 for MacDonald

    Round 3 – Nice left to the chin by MacDonald. Left hand drops MacDonald as he tries to shoot. MacDonald takes Hutcherson’s back and has him mounted from his back, Hutcherson spins and now MacDonald is in full mount. Lands a nice elbow. MacDonald looking for a submission instead of using ground and pound. Hutcherson just sweeped him and ends up on top. As good as MacDonald is at BJJ, Hutcherson sweeped him easily. MacDonald looks for subs, Hutcherson backs up and stands and lets MacDonald stand. Overhand right by MacDonald rocks Hutcherson and has him wobbling. MacDonald waits probably five seconds (too long) and shoots. Not sure why MacDonald did not jump on him there! I think he could have finished him. Hutcherson stuffs it and ends up on top in guard. MacDonald pulls rubber guard and pounds away with his free hand. ProMMA.info scores the round 10-9 and the fight 30-27 for MacDonald.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Jason MacDonald def. Solomon Hutcherson by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)*

    The commentators Guy Mezger and Kenny Rice are dumbfounded. In the post fight interview Hutcherson said he thought he won. MacDonald said the same thing basically. Hutcherson wants another round and MacDonald wants more too.

    *It was announced that there was a mistake and the fight was in fact NOT A DRAW as it was originally announced – but instead Jason MacDonald won a split decision.

    (MW) Thales Leites vs. Dean Lister

    Lister (11-6) is from Team Throwdown Elite. Nine of his 11 wins have been by submission. Leites (14-3) has nine submission victories as well but he also has two TKO’s which Lister does not. Leites will have the advantage on the feet. Lister vs. Jake Shields would be a good fight I think. Thales is sponsored and wears in a KimuraWear shirt.

    Round 1 – Lister takes a leg kick from Leites. Lister shoots first, gets a single leg and tries to pull guard. Leites trying to escape Lister’s grasp. Lister has one leg. Leites lands a few rabbit punches. They stand up. Big leg kick from Leites, Lister throws one back, and Leites lands another one. Each leg kick from Leites really seems to affect Lister and moves him. Left hook from Lister is blocked. Lister shoots and gets caught in a guillotine, they go to the mat, and Leites lets the choke go. Lister has a single leg but Leites breaks away. Leites kicking the legs of Lister who is on his back. Ref stands Lister up. Leites with a flying knee. ProMMA.info scores the round  10-9 for Lister.

    Round 2 – Huge leg kick by Leites rocks Lister.  They go to the mat as Lister pulls guard. Leites lands some elbows from the half guard of Lister. Leites stands up and the ref stands Lister up. Knee jump strike attempt from the clinch by Lister. Lister holding tight to Leites. Ref says, “Come on, do something here.” They exchange leg kicks. Left hook from Lister blocked by Leites. Lister pulls guard again as the bell sounds. ProMMA.info scores that round 10-9 for Leites.

    Round 3 – Lister throws a couple of kicks then grabs a single leg. Lister pulls Leites on top of him. Lister hanging on as Leites lands some elbows. Leites cuts Lister up with a lot of elbows. Lister just holding on taking the blows. Ref stands them up, tells them they need to do something. Leg kick from Leites and a lazy front kick by Lister. Lister pulls guard as the crowd boos. Ref stands them up. Lister shoots, pulls guard. Lister acts like this is a grappling match……..arrrrrghhhh. ProMMA.info scores the round 10-9 and the fight 29-28 for Leites.

    OFFICIAL RESULT: Thales Leites def. Dean Lister (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

    BOTH FIGHTERS LANDED ONLY 3 STRIKES STANDING FOR THE ENTIRE FIGHT!!! Thales said in the post fight he wants a title shot in his next match.

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