Chinese teenagers beat former world champion John Higgins and Stephen Maguire to win the Snooker World Cup

Whenever a teenager claims a world title, people are bound to sit up and take notice. And when a world title crown is lifted by two of them together that counts double. It’s the sort of achievement that signals a major reshaping of the sport, a changing of the guard. It points to a whole … Read more

Floyd Mayweather trying to bring back jorts

Undisputed pound-for-pound boxing king Floyd “Money” Mayweather attended Game 2 of the NBA Finals over the weekend and witnessed LeBron James and the Cavaliers pick up a win against the Warriors. But unfortunately the champ’s fashion sense isn’t nearly as good as his counter-striking. "48 have tried, 48 have failed" – Floyd Mayweather discussing his attempts to bring jorts … Read more

Pittsburgh Pirates Baseball: Lady Hit In Head By Foul Ball

The Pittsburgh Pirates played the Chicago Cubs at PNC Arena in Pittsburg earlier today when a foul ball hit a lady standing behind the back stop in the head. The game was delayed for some time before the lady was removed from the game via stretcher.  Was there a protective screen behind the backstop to … Read more

There are three categories of athletes

There are three categories of athletes. There are 70% who want to stay but need to go. There are 25% who want to go but need to stay. And the 2% who want to go but also know when they should stay. Oxygen is what fuels us. Our heart is our engine and our mind … Read more

Learn How to Take a Punch and Other Poker Tips

There are still a lot of people that will argue that poker is not a sport. The fact that this discussion even happens is an insult to the people that play the game and is obviously perpetuated by people whose poker experience is limited to kitchen table games where wild cards abound and the rules are … Read more

Ohio State Buckeyes blast Oregon to win National Championship 42-20

Urban Meyer is back on top of the college football mountain after taking the Ohio State Buckeye’s to their first national championship since 2003. Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliot ran wild over Oregon to the tune of over 200 yards and three TD’s. The Buckeye’s overcame four turnovers and dominated the time of possession, … Read more

Cam Newton Suffers Back Fractures in Car Accident

Former NFL overall number 1 pick and Carolina Panther QB Cam Newton was injured in a car accident on Tuesday afternoon not far from Bank of America stadium in Charlotte, NC. “Further testing revealed that Cam Newton has two transverse process fractures in his lower back and no further internal injuries,” according to Panther’s spokesman. … Read more

UAB Football Players React to UAB President Ray Watts announce cutting the football program *Video*

The UAB(University of Alabama at Birmingham) football team will cease to exist after next year citing significant monetary losses.  UAB President Ray Watts broke the news earlier this week and met with the team to share the news as well.  That didn’t go over so well as players got emotional as they looked for answers … Read more

FSU Slides To Four; College Football Playoff Committee Continues To Get It Wrong

The College Football Playoff Committee released their playoff rankings on Tuesday night and continues to baffle most fans and pundits with their switching of ranking criteria they supposedly use each week. The top eight teams are below: Alabama Oregon TCU FSU Ohio State Baylor Arizona Michigan State Full disclosure I’m a FSU football fan, always … Read more

Antihero Skateboards: Destination Unknown (Full Video)

This isn’t your momma’s X-Games skateboarding. In contrast to Plan B’s “True” video coming out on iTunes/DVD on Dec. 2, Antihero has released this FREE “Destination Unknown” flick featuring the skateboarding and road trip antics of Andrew Allen, Tony Miorana, Robbie Russo, Chris Pfanner, Grant Taylor, Tony Trujillo, Andy Roy, Raney Beres, Jeff Grosso, Austin … Read more