MMA fighter Nate Diaz, came to his fan’s rescue after he commented under one of Diaz’s Instagram posts saying that he has now lost his rent money betting on him and was forced to sleep in his car. Nate apparently saw the comment and didn’t hesitate to respond and offer to pay for his rent. Betting online has become one of the most accessible ways to gamble. 

With venues like offering easy sign-ups and bets for adults. The user that commented has now come forward saying that Diaz actually did pay his rent, sending even more money than the fan lost initially. “Unknown killer213” then came continued to say that he was using the extra money he got from the MMA fighter to support Diaz’s CBD company. When speaking with the news outlets the lucky fan confessed that he actually wasn’t sleeping in the car and that he made sure to let  Diaz know that he still had a home before accepting his money but apparently Diaz didn’t mind and still wanted to refund his fan for a loss after responding to him publicly.

Diaz was defeated by Jorge Masvidal by way of third-round TKO in the UFC 244 main event at Madison Square Garden after the cage side physician called a stop to fight due to lacerations over the eye of Diaz, also known as the “Stockton Slugger”. Masvidal bloodied Diaz quite early in the fight, keeping up in the second round as well when he landed a huge right and kick to the stomach of Diaz. 

After the fight was terminated Diaz immediately called for a rematch, saying that he was just getting started with the fight with Masvidal, who was also interested in continuing the fight. Despite the willingness from both sides, the UFC President, Dana White, wasn’t up for a rematch and didn’t allow the fighters to continue. In the heat of the moment, the youngest Diaz brother even claimed to be done with the fighting and suggested that he would be retiring because not allowing rematch was unacceptable. 

But now Stockton Slugger confirmed that he doesn’t plan on retiring just yet and will, in turn, be taking a short break. 

That wasn’t the only thing the angered fighter shouted when denied the rematch. Diaz also called out Masvidal that he wanted out of the fight in the third round. Diaz was joined by his older brother Nick Diaz who publicly took his side and said that he is the original BMF so Masvidal can’t claim the title.

With a rare interview with an ESPN host Ariel Helwani, the welterweight veteran Nick Diaz said that he had some issues with the way Jorge Masvidal’s comments about wanting to “baptize” his younger brother Nate Diaz. “I’ve never had nothing disrespectful to say but you don’t talk about baptizing my younger brother,” said the older Diaz. “So you are already in a fucked position if you fight with me,” added Nick who hasn’t competed since early 2015 and for now, he doesn’t seem to have any plans to return to the fighting scene.

Masvidal has now responded to the comments made about him by both brothers at The Dan LeBatard Show. Masvidal said that unlike Diaz, he was being very strategic during the whole fight, laying out the work with precision. He went on to highlight that unlike his opponent, he doesn’t get tired at the end of the fight and never shies away from anybody.

Masvidal, who also goes by the name of “Gamebred”, pointed out that his opponent didn’t have the necessary level of cardio training to win the fight, let alone to continue with a rematch. Regarding the comments made after the fight from both of the Diaz brothers, Masvidal said that a lot of people are saying his name now when they wouldn’t fight him in the past. “Does he know who he’s asking for a fight? Cause I love to fight, especially when I get a little something on top of that.”- said the current owner of the BMF title about Nick Diaz. People who didn’t want to fight him a year or two ago are now calling him out, which as Masvilad says, makes the whole situation seems funny to him at this point.

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