Rampage wants to shut Dana White up.

As many expected, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson plans to return to the UFC at least temporarily. In a new blog post on his website (the same place he announced his retirement), Rampage claims he is going to finish out his contract with the UFC and shut the mouths of Dana White and Rashad Evans.

I’ve noticed that the UFC & TUF have some fans brainwashed or something. They still haven’t realized yet that the TV show is just a TV show. I did my job by entertaining people and if you ever paid any attention to me, that’s what I’m known for doing.

Now, I wanted to let my fans know that I’m going to come back to the UFC & finish my contract. Not because the haters are talking shit about me being scared of Rashad or Titties or anybody else. I’m coming back for my fans & to shut Rashad’s mouth up & shut Dana’s mouth up. Then after that I’m going back to doing movies & I might do a boxing match once a year just to stay in shape. Hate on dis!

Now he seems “concerned” for his fans; but what about his home town fans in Memphis who wanted to see him fight Rashad at UFC 107 next week as he had originally agreed?

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