Flair might be in trouble with the IRS again

Whoooo! Not so much. Pro wrestling Hall of Famer Ric Flair has an outstanding $280,000 tax bill according to a report by The Daily Mail (via lordsofpain.net). According to the site’s report The Georgia Department of Revenue and the Internal Revenue Service both have notices of liens on Flair’s property. The house that Flair lives … Read more

Top three shameless pro wrestling copycats in recent memory

I love pro wrestling even though my editor Jack Bratcher still calls it ‘rasslin’. Ahem…Jack I’m looking at you. I occasionally watch Ring of Honor and New Japan when I can but I actively avoid the horrid product that WWE corporate is pumping out today. Rarely I will look up local and regional promotions to … Read more

VIDEO: Batista returns to Smackdown and disses HHH

WWE wrestler turned movie star Batista showed up unexpectedly at Smackdown 1000 last night and reunited with his former ‘Evolution’ stable mates. It was a happy reunion up until the point he reminded HHH of his failures. HHH reacted with visible frustration when Batista brought up the fact that the COO had never beaten him. Check it out…