Former bazillion time world champion in numerous organizations Ric Flair has been one of the best on the mic for decades. He has intensity, confidence, and the look to back up the skills and that is what made him a fan favorite, and at one point one of the most hated wrestlers on the planet. In honor of his recovery from a serious medical condition here are seven of the best Ric Flair promo spots of all time and we feel they exemplify what Ric Flair is. Check them out.

7. You have to pay the price

6. Stylin and profilin

5. Riled up and ready to blow!

4. Ric Flair is mental

3. Ric Flair has lizard shoes

2. Nothing is sacred in wrestling

1. Stripping and struttin

What are your favorite Ric Flair promos?

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