Ric Flair’s reasons for hospitalization finally revealed and he is lucky

A People magazine story published this week revealed the life threatening conditions that hospitalized Ric Flair on August 11th. The WWE and WCW legend was reportedly in critical condition and until now no one outside the family knew why. He was in the early stages of kidney failure and congestive heart failure and is currently in … Read more

Ric Flair dumps management shortly after hospitalization

Still in the hospital after a serious medical emergency, Ric Flair said see ya to manager Melinda Morris Zanoni and Legacy Talent Entertainment. He announced the split via Twitter and later followed with I’m looking forward to the new beginning and the great opportunities that await me. WOOOOO! He is now managed by Get Engaged … Read more

Report: Ric Flair in coma before surgery

TMZ Sports is reporting that WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair is in a medically induced coma in preparation for surgery. According to TMZ, Flair was admitted to the hospital early Saturday morning and is set to undergo a procedure sometime this afternoon. Reports are coming out that the 68-year-old pro wrestling legend’s issues are … Read more

Ric Flair hospitalized and ‘needs prayers’ says rep

Ric Flair was reportedly admitted to a hospital over the weekend for undisclosed reasons and shortly after the news broke his management confirmed it. The issue is apparently heart related and speculation has been running rampant since at least two weeks ago. The Wrestling Observer newsletter stated that Flair didn’t look himself lately and on … Read more

The true story of the moment an injured Tim Woods saved pro wrestling

Kayfabe is the term used when pro wrestlers stay in character, speak in character, and every effort is made not to expose the business as scripted. It was a big deal in the early days and when wrestling started another upswing in the 1970’s, and rumors were swirling that it was “fake” special care was … Read more