The Human Cockfighter Blog: Friendly Encounter

Over two and half years later, there I was, again, standing in front of the hometown hero. This man was a married father of two boys. He instructs men how to fend for themselves on free time from building things.

The Human Cockfighter Blog: Do Something

A young lady said to me recently, “You are socially awkward.” I, of course, responded, “That’s because I haven’t been socialized.” Free thinking, optimistic, faithfully ambitious people are social, not socialized.

The Human Cockfighter Blog: Finishing Fights

I think about the sound that it made when Heath Herring punched my brother in the face. I could hear it clearly from 60 rows up at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. That was Brad’s last fight in the UFC, over four years ago.

The Human Cockfighter Blog: A Fight Story

Brian Imes a.k.a. “The Human Cockfighter” talks about his friend, training partner and fellow fighter Jeb Chiles who was raised as a Mennonite. Chiles defeated Imes two years ago and they are now friends.

The Human Cockfighter Blog: Therapy and Discipline

We have been told as children and as adults that fights only end badly, but that is not exactly the truth. All across this great country of ours men and boys are learning that a lot can be learned and gained from fighting.