The Human Cockfighter Blog: Flavor and Passion

Brian Imes is "The Human Cockfighter".

What is it about the flavor of life that is so tempting? No matter the venue or event, life’s pursuits are driven by flavors and passions.

I spent over a decade climbing the ranks in the bar and restaurant management business. Prompting my exit just before my 30th birthday was my realization that I had developed not only a flavor, but a lust for whiskey.

Whiskey is a distillate of grain that is then aged on charred oak. It tastes like dirt, wood and leather to an amateur, but to a professional, the flavors are so much more divine and tempting.

Managing a tavern meant that not only was I someone’s employee, but I was constantly subject to customers’ demands and judgements.

I came to work every day to produce Kansas City’s finest cocktails with the most expedient and loyal service imaginable. Not everyone shares or appreciates passion and work ethic.

Upon leaving the bar business and jumping head first into the cage fighting business, I was confronted with a more abrasive work environment than I had ever imagined. But it was exactly what I was looking for in life.

There is no more respectful or honest cubicle to perform service. My coworkers always appreciate my diligence and generally reciprocate my discipline. The lessons are confrontational and challenging, but the rewards are incalculable spiritually.

I lost my way in the middle somewhere, but I have again found my path as well as my passion. I work every day building a school in the city, only to clean up for learnin’ bout teachin’.

My team and I work together to conquer our fears, overcome obstacles and strengthen faith. My students in Fight Fitness come from all walks of life and put in honest work to accomplish their fitness goals.

Every creature has fight inside; all ya gotta do is thump ‘em. Sometimes thumpin’ is lovin’.

Jeb Chiles has been joining our team regularly in preparation for his September 10th appointment at Shark Fights. Over the course of his professional journey, Jeb has built a 12-1 record.

We work well together marrying his conventional martial arts with my unregulated Hillbilly Kung Fu. I know that he will put it on ‘em in his next contest versus Kelvin Tiller.

My amateur team will compete for Cage of Honor in Joplin, Missouri on September 17th. Aron Boswell is doing a fantastic job of building this promotion in southwest Missouri.

The boys are undefeated thus far and I’m sure that will remain following this event. We thump n’ roll well at Premier Martial Arts in Riverside. It just might be good for the community.

Find your flavor for life, neighbors. Embrace your passions and walk staunchly toward your dreams. That is the path of freedom and only free souls smile back at life’s right hand. THUMP.

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