Brian Imes is "The Human Cockfighter".

With so many on medication, organized education, programmed information, and regulated work…too many are accomplished sociopaths. Where have all the average people gone?

To “get ahead” in our modern culture, one must go along with the predesigned system. Choices are made for us and failure is protected under social justice. The days of running risks for individual reward are all but gone.

Corporations rule the distributive landscape and the people are all but required to work for the man. Examples of individually accomplished citizens are rare and most are absorbed by the system, eventually.

No longer are we inclined to diagnose the cure, but regulated in distributing the medicine. Our issues pile up like a log jammed river while our leaders bicker about the blame.

Cause and effect have been inverted and the people end up on bottom. Accountability is nearly absent in leadership leaving a complacent populace.

I was raised as a laborer and have always found spiritual reward in the performance of such. I have not, however, organized with my coworkers against any employer and have never accepted compensation without production.

Legal or not, there is right and wrong in this world. I believe we all know the difference. Our greed and lust have blurred our knowledge of a black and white world. We are confused by rights and misled by labels.

Our judgements are undisciplined and our work is misdirected. Compensation is redistributed while our managers and regulators reign free. He who makes the rules owns the market.

Laws are exceptions to the rule. The rule is the law of the land. The laws are jungle regulations. I’d rather live off the land, than abide in the jungle.

This Saturday I will travel to Clinton, Missouri for Throwdown in C-town. Jeb Chiles and Mike Vallentine serve host for yet another pro/am at the Benson Center.

Nearly 1000 people will crowd in to see their local favorites: Aaron Mays, Brandon Jolley, Eric Crittendon and others. I will participate as usual, selling Hillbilly Fight Wear and helping ready the combatants.

Jeb and I will engage in a grappling match also. I anticipate a hard fought roll with the occasional thump. It’s good for the community.

Next Saturday, February 18th, we will be in Kansas City for Invictus Fighting Championship I. Two of my training partners will compete at the Ararat Shrine Temple on Eastwood Drive.

Andy Fleming, 3-1, is coming off a loss at Harrah’s for the Blue Corner Middleweight Title. Jason Perrotta, 3-1, is coming off a technical submission win following a brutal leg kick that broke bones.

Both men have evolved, as of late, training together at KC Premier Martial and Fitness in Riverside, Mo. Our team is growing and owner, Eric Siley, has committed to expanding the facility. The changes will provide broader accommodation for our team and continued exposure for a family friendly environment.

It is truly a blessing to work daily with my friends in pursuit of selfless gains. Discipline and honor have been on the decline for far too long. We aim to curb that reality, one stranger at a time.

Work for freedom and declare yourself as independent. Shed the parameters and blaze your own trail. Our military personnel along with our sport’s fighters are lining up to confront tyranny, and we have found our spokesman.

He is a wise old doctor from Texas. Have a listen. The gladiators can’t all be wrong, for we are closest to the fire. We know the struggle and have felt the heat. Even the toughest know when to draw back and reassess. Peace is near. Thump a stranger.

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