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Over two and half years later, there I was, again, standing in front of the hometown hero. This man was a married father of two boys. He instructs men how to fend for themselves on free time from building things.

Jeb Chiles is loyal to his name, his family and his neighbors. And I was there to claim vengeance for a grappling destruction in front of a big crowd. It was an honor to be in a cage with a real martial artist.

Thirty  seconds into our friendly encounter, I found myself underneath Chiles, with my right arm wrapped tightly around his neck. My dislocated thumb lay tightly on his carotid artery. I could have chewed my knuckles, had I been hungry. But it was Chiles that was hungry and he dominated the exchange.

My ankle found it’s way into another precarious position. I still can’t figure how best to get comfortable without getting caught. Hillbilly Fight Wear was well represented, as always.

Aside from my roll this weekend, I spent most of my hours demolishing a wall in the back of our gym. It was in the way of our play area, so we removed it; 1,920 square feet of mats will now be available for thumps n’ rolls.

Our Fighting Fit program is a good time for the liberty-minded resident. People of all shapes, sizes, colors and behaviors are thumpin’ strangers for the good of the community. We have men that wear our friends’ brands into cages.

KC Premier Martial Arts & Fitness is in Riverside, Missouri on Vivion Road. Owner, Eric Siley, teaches hands-on self defense tactics. We let children in the building for instruction. Apparel is available, along with dressing areas and bathrooms.

It will be my honor to corner for Andrew Fleming this Saturday night at Invictus Fighting Championships in Kansas City. This college soccer player has learned how to thump in less than a year at the age of 34. It is a joy to watch him exercise his individual liberty. I know that his daughter, Isabella, is very proud.

Jason Perrotta will also represent our team. This Army veteran is prepared for a fight with Steven Harris at 185 pounds. This will be One Zero Eight Promotions’ first event under a different banner.

It will be our second trip to the Ararat Shrine Temple on Eastwood. Our last visit saw Brett Rounkles and Perrotta win decisively. Brett is preparing for state wrestling finals with Park Hill South High School.

What if a man were to travel with other men that enjoyed physically confronting one another for entertainment? It’s all about perspective. We may find ourselves in the Middle East before long. Rumor has it that the Saudis have a hankerin’ for an American ass whooping. I just happen to know some boys that are game for honest attention.

I am two months out of my next fight. April 7th I will fight for Midwest Ultimate Cage Fights in Branson, Missouri. It will be my first fight at 205 in over two years. I can be contacted for tickets.

The Pint Sized Brawlers, Jeri Sitzes, Kim Couture, Nathan Murdock, Mark Nguyen, and Kyle Swadley are on the card. I can’t wait to thump in the Ozarks.

The nice old doctor is still fighting for liberty. Give him an open listen. It will change your perspective. Yes, you can.

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  1. Great story Brian! Was happy to read it and share it….see you at the fights my brother!

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