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Losing is defined in the English dictionary as an action resulting in failure. Failure is defined as the occasion on which a goal is not accomplished. Thank God there is no official language in this country.

In hillbilly speak; I fought my ass off on Saturday night, and despite losing my fourth consecutive fight, I was game and I left my mark on a respectable event. Call me crazy or receive me as a dyed in the wool optimist; I GNF.

Saturday I competed for Shark Fights against a younger, less experienced fighter, Dallas Browning. I accepted the fight offer 10 days prior from a bed in Shawnee Mission Medical Center’s Emergency Room.

With six fresh stitches in my right thumb, following a deep cut from a metal stud at my day job, I set out to cut 20 pounds in 10 days. It was a pleasure, for the opportunity of competing in my first MMA bout in over a year, in front of my hometown, and on cable television. Crazy or optimist?

With the fresh gash on my right thumb: I couldn’t spar or hit mits or lift weights. What else to do with 20 pounds to cut, but lots of cardio. By the time I jumped in the ring on Saturday night I was wired up for an hour long hoorah. I forgot to relax and be patient with my length and power.

About the time I settled in, Dallas had secured a vicious ankle lock that I was forced to submit to. After circling the cage and venting my frustrations I ran into Dallas. I said, “Go after my face, bitch. Don’t take my leg.” I assume that he appreciated my sense of humor.

It had been a long year of lobbying for small business, re-injuring my back, teaching MMA and fitness at Premier, building a school in Prairie Village, consulting for a roofing company, and climbing my way back to fight shape and mental preparedness. I am not all the way there, but I will be.

I’ve been told to give it up. I’ve been offered numerous criticisms and countless advice. But I am the only one who knows when enough is enough. I started this journey at the age of 30 and I will be god damned if anyone but myself is going to throw in the towel.

This is the greatest sport on the planet and I absolutely love everything about it, even if I am on the losing end.
Three of us knuckleheads wore Hillbilly Fight Wear in the cage at Shark Fights on Saturday. Jeb Chiles tapped to an armbar late in round 1 to Kelvin Tiller. Kelvin made an impressive professional debut against Chiles (12-2). Aaron Mays lost his professional debut to Matt Uhde, 2-0, via kimura submission.

I made my way around the arena afterwards shaking hands and thanking my friends and sponsors. There must have been over 100 people at the event wearing my brand. Despite going 0-3, we threw a large party at Jerry’s Bait Shop in Lee’s Summit. What a pleasure to have so much support. I may be the most popular 5-7 fighter around. My record isn’t impressive, but my resume is distinguished…optimist.

The Hillbilly Fight Team travels to Joplin, Missouri this weekend for Cage of Honor 46. Aron Boswell puts on great events in southwest missouri. Andy Fleming, Adam Roberts and Jay Segal will all compete. I will of course be in their corner and all of my apparel will be available at the event.

Stay tuned for my next event. This human cockfighter is always game for a short notice thump. It’s a Fun Ride! Thump a stranger…or at least let em know you mean business. It’s good for the community.

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