On a rural gravel road roughly six miles west of Clinton, Missouri rests an independent business.

Four and a half acres of fertile land provides family, discipline, honor, respect, loyalty and love.

The Chiles’ are in the business of fighting. The fight varies from day to day, but the lessons are consistent in their convictions.

Hard work pays off, respect thine neighbor and fight for your community.

Gerald Linn “Jeb” Chiles Jr. is a professional mixed martial artist.

Starting at the age of six, Jeb has trained, taught and exercised his passion for combat. Versed in karate, jui jitsu, and kickboxing; Jeb is one of America’s least known soldiers.

He has compiled a 12-1 professional record, is the head instructor of Chiles Martial Arts, promoter of Throwdown In C-Town and a full-time employee at the local Tracker Boat factory.

Wife, Amber, goes to school, tends to the home and raises their two boys.

The popularity of our great sport has grown exponentially in Clinton because of Jeb’s background and eagerness to teach and learn.

Our greatest teachers are our most humble learners.

Dozens of men, women and children gather nightly in an old building’s basement. The exercises are hard and at times painful, but the lessons are genuine and honest.

At breakfast this morning, Amber asked what I believed was the catalyst for men taking up a career in mixed martial arts…

Fighters are bold in their lust for individual liberty and disdain for authority. We are drawn to the discipline and honest exchange of ideas through struggle and sacrifice.

The desire to escape society’s box is what makes us all brothers and soldiers for freedom’s cause. Inside a cage lies the only refuge from governance, regulation and conformity.

A fighter’s soul is exposed for all to see when in combat. It is the ultimate playground for indulgence in raw reality.

Following a second round submission victory last August over Demetrius Richards at Bellator Fighting Championships, Chiles has recorded another victory over journeyman, Dominic Brown.

He continues to train as he has his entire life, a student of life’s lessons and a soldier for Christ’s example.

He will undoubtedly fight again for his neighbors’ entertainment and will flourish under his community’s guise.

There are certain men that just know how to win. Jeb’s ability to find victory comes from his martial arts background and Mennonite upbringing.

Faith and discipline have come together to produce a fearless, aggressive, humble soldier.

I shook the hand of Jeb Chiles on a sunny May afternoon two years ago. We were to be foes on that evening in his hometown, but have developed a positive relationship since our encounter.

A first round arm bar loss humbled me and strengthened our bond. After all, it’s nothing personal.

Now we work and train together as instructors, fighters and businessmen. We are in the business of fighting and that business strengthens us outside of fighting.

Few professions can build character and construct a confident foundation as ours. We thump, for the betterment of our community. We discipline for the betterment of our children’s futures. We compete to embrace freedom.

May God let our onlookers on be enlightened by our sacrifice. We are human cockfighters and we are game for any of life’s battles.

It takes a man. Thump a stranger.

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