Brian Imes is "The Human Cockfighter".

A young lady said to me recently, “You are socially awkward.” I, of course, responded, “That’s because I haven’t been socialized.” Free thinking, optimistic, faithfully ambitious people are social, not socialized. If all you eat is what you are fed, then you are socialized. Find your own answers…do your own math.

I eat pretty good nowadays. I buy my meat and vegetables at the local grocery, but I cook most if not all of my own meals. Thus I know what I’m eating and I did the preparation. This takes time and requires work, of course, but the work is the fun part and the time is priceless.

My days consist of painful, exhausting, humbling experiences that strengthen my spirit and broaden my faith. I communicate with men, women and children that are interested in discipline and respectful of real professionalism.

I design and sell a line of apparel that bears my brother’s moniker and delivers staunch marching orders. In order to sell this apparel, I travel all over several states conversing with absolute strangers. When we indefinitely find common ground, they join my revolution with their purchase.

The minor investment in a new neighbor can only strengthen a community. The mass redirection of work compensation only weakens everyone in any community.

People will undoubtedly do the right thing when left with no alternative to fail. By postponing failure, people with no relative contact will unquestionably feel that failure.

The more people involved with a foreseen problem, the more lenient and less expedient the resolution. Mind your own business. Thump a stranger.

This Friday we will proudly corner for Andy Fleming in his amateur middleweight title fight with Chad Williams. This event will take place inside Voodoo Lounge at Harrah’s Kansas City.

Blue Corner Battles is the brain child of Ben Nogueras, who has also worked in consultation with Shark Fights.

Blair Gadson will also be thumping this evening. Blair is a new contributor to our team, and carries some great athleticism into the cage. We will have all of our Hillbilly Fight Wear of course. The new embroidered hoodies and beanies sold out quickly, but we reordered just in time for Christmas.

The following night I will travel back to Clinton. Jeb Chiles and I will entertain his guests and neighbors after indulging in a three round grappling match. It shouldn’t break out into a fist fight, but if so, then it’s good for the community. Any professional in this economy has got to entertain himself. Do something.

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