After many requests here is the no touch garbage video again

Thanks Twitter! No clue how you know about the video but haven’t seen it. What am I talking about? The montage of no-touch martial arts garbage to the tune of the Benny Hill show theme song I put together. Jack Bratcher and I support traditional martial arts as well as MMA because both have benefits BUT we don’t support shady versions of either. In this video I tried to highlight the worst of the worst in no touch self defense. As always we apologize in advance and you’re welcome!

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PMN Series: Nerd Rage! #1 Asian kid loses, gets on winning team’s voice chat, we win

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Definitive Collection: Street Fighter 2, Martial Arts and Church Editions

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Hilarious video of Vince McMahon turned on by body builder

Sometimes fans get it right in parody video creation. Check out this video featuring Vince McMahon getting turned on by a very ripped bodybuilder. This is obviously a play on his love for well built, larger wrestlers. It’s no secret that he would sign a less than stellar wrestler that has a great physique over … Read more

What happens when a black guy can’t “act black”? Just watch!

  A mockumentary short film, “Thugs, The Musical” is about Michael Gardner (Kevin Avery), a frustrated, sightly delusional, and extremely non-urban black actor who writes, directs & stars in a disastrous musical to prove to Hollywood and the world that he can “act black.” Directed by Liam Sullivan and written by Kevin Avery, the film … Read more