Bad boy Don Frye still doing bad Don Frye things

56 year old MMA legend Don ’The Predator’ Frye is well known for three things. The first is a memorable scrap with Yoshihiro Takayama in the Pride organization. Secondly, his incredible Magnum PI caterpillar mustache. Finally, his propensity to be a heat magnet. Proof of the latter? Watch the legend punch a fan at last … Read more

Don Frye fries CM Punk, Lesnar is a “fairy”

Yep, he’s at it again. Don Frye went on Submission Radio and absolutely thrashes CM Punk’s signing with the UFC. He then goes on and obliterates Brock Lesnar’s run with the company in classic Frye style. “I thought he (Punk) pulled out like 4 hours after he signed the contract,” said Frye. “I thought maybe … Read more

UFC making plans for Puerto Rico in 2015

Marc Ratner, UFC Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, stated in a new interview on that the organization is making plans to hold an event in San Juan, Puerto Rico next year. Ratner: “I’m going to Puerto Rico to meet with the athletic commission and some government officials there, because we do want to fight … Read more

Don Frye predicts UFC 175 in typical epic non-PC fashion

‘Predator’s Predictions’ for UFC #175 featuring the always outspoken, hilarious, cringe inducing commentator, and MMA legend Don Frye. Don is one of the most colorful and recognizable faces to MMA fans because of his size and heroic level 70 mustache. Frye has never, ever shied away from the camera. If you would like a good … Read more

Top 4 Crazy Things MMA Legend don Frye has said recently

Don Frye is a legend – he is also a bit crazy. Frye is known for an aggressive style, professional wrestling build, and one hell of a mustache. Don Frye once asked God, “Bro do you even lift?” Okay so we made that up completely but still though, he probably said that. Don is a … Read more

Fixed fights in the UFC: A look inside the autobiography of “Big” John McCarthy – part 1 takes a look at “Big” John McCarthy’s autobiography “Let’s Get It On!” and his description of refereeing two fights inside the UFC Octagon that he believes were fixed.

Don Frye still kickin *VIDEO*

MMA legend Don Frye was at “Strikeforce: Nashville” to support his buddy Cal Worsham’s son, Hunter, who was fighting on the preliminary card. Frye says  he’s not done fighting and discusses possible future fight match-ups for himself. He  says he would like to get another shot at Dave “Pee Wee” Herman who got the best … Read more

Don Frye’s movie reel 2010 *VIDEO*

Here is a mix of Don Frye’s acting roles from various films. “The Predator” is a legend of the sport and one of the few who have successfully crossed over into film. He has appeared in such movies as Miami Vice, Public Enemies, Big Stan, Ant Bully and more. For a list of all his … Read more