‘Predator’s Predictions’ for UFC #175 featuring the always outspoken, hilarious, cringe inducing commentator, and MMA legend Don Frye.

Don is one of the most colorful and recognizable faces to MMA fans because of his size and heroic level 70 mustache. Frye has never, ever shied away from the camera. If you would like a good example of stuff he utters check out this article we ran a little while ago.

Unbelievable, epic, and yeah – a little insane!

Frye is probably most famous for his stint in the UFC and his movie quality brawl with a Japanese legend, Yoshihiro Takayama. Check these highlights out because they are indescribably awesome.

Nothing about Don Frye has ever been anything but over the top. Frye has said some crazy stuff over the years. Here is yet another example of the verbal greatness of Frye. Wait until he gets to the Dan Henderson quote…

Some of his most notable victories have been over Ken Shamrock, Gary Goodridge x 2, Gilbert Yvel, Tank Abbott, Akebono, and of course Yoshihiro Takayama. He may be a funny guy, but he is the real deal and succeeded in MMA when the formula to obtain greatness wasn’t invented yet. A fighter would have to figure out where to train, if they were a legit source, and more importantly if they could trust their relatively untrained sparring partners while preparing for a fight. Most of the time sponsorship consisted of “Jimmy Jack John’s Pizza Inn of Chicago” for one free pizza. Frye had to overcome significant hurdles to be able to spew the funny that this video consists of.

You can’t understand two men standing in the ring, punching each other in the face. What’s wrong with you sisses?

-Don Frye

Prepare for some non-PC and epic UFC 175 predictions by Mr. Frye.

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