Destiny glimmer farming on Mars; make use of those Resupply Codes

Glimmer is a prized commodity in Destiny these days and anything you upgrade is going to require it. Sooner or later you’ll likely need to farm some glimmer, and this video from TritanArmy shows a great spot on Mars, easiest gotten to by doing the Cerberus Vae III strike. If you’re like me, you probably … Read more

Destiny: Crota’s End Raid Swordbearer Tutorial

You wind up with a Fireteam on Crota’s End Raid and no one really knows how or wants to run the sword. We’ve all probably been there by now. No worries, DattoDoesDestiny is here to teach us exactly what to do. And you don’t have to be a Hunter, he says, everyone can do it. Now … Read more

Watch this team beat Destiny’s entire Crota’s End Raid without firing a shot

While Fireteam after Fireteam struggle with Crota’s End Raid on Destiny, this team actually completed the whole thing without firing a shot! Crazy, I know. Here’s the deal. It’s a full team of Titans who rely on their blinding grenades, tons of Ward of Dawn force field bubbles, supers and swords — oh and punches — … Read more

New Destiny House of Wolves leak reveals new light level, gear, weapons, storyline, more

Have you grinded and grinded and raided and raided and finally got your guardian to light level 32? Don’t get too comfortable because in new leaked info it appears the Destiny light level limit will once again be raised with the upcoming House of Wolves expansion pack, which according to this new leaked info, will … Read more

Destiny: Solo Crota’s End bridge as a Bladedancer in hard mode

If you’ve been playing the new hard mode of Crota’s End raid in Destiny, you know it can be quite a challenge to finish, even for a team of level 32’s. I’ve seen several strategies used in each section but I had never seen anyone do something like this on the bridge — especially solo. … Read more

Watch gameplay footage from Destiny’s upcoming House of Wolves DLC

Destiny’s second expansion pack due out later this year is known as House of Wolves, and like The Dark Below before it, it’s bringing some changes and additions to the game, including some pretty cool new weapons. Check out this video showing gameplay action inside the House of Wolves DLC months before it’s release. DID YOU … Read more

Destiny: Watch full Crota Raid get crushed on hard mode

The hard mode of the Crota’s End Raid was released earlier this week. It’s a level 33 and there’s all new rewards for braving and defeating the toughest Destiny has to offer (although that damn Corrupted Thorn bounty is quite a handful and Vault of Glass on hard mode is no picnic either). Be warned, … Read more

Play Destiny with us Wednesday LIVE ON TWITCH

PMN will be taking to Twitch ( tonight to get in our daily dose of Destiny on Xbox One. We still need to do the raids for this week. If you’d like to join in hit us up at GT: FireAmourFOU. Send a message of what your interested in doing, and if we can fit … Read more

Watch us play Destiny: The Dark Below expansion 1

The highly anticipated first expansion for Destiny was unleashed today. Your buds here at PMN ( will be exploring all the ins and outs of The Dark Below game changer and we invite you to tag along. Watch us make the mistakes so you don’t have to, then watch us own all the noobs with our fully … Read more