It’s so nice and cozy here in our little Titan bubble. Awwwwww. Tea anyone?

While Fireteam after Fireteam struggle with Crota’s End Raid on Destiny, this team actually completed the whole thing without firing a shot! Crazy, I know. Here’s the deal. It’s a full team of Titans who rely on their blinding grenades, tons of Ward of Dawn force field bubbles, supers and swords — oh and punches — lots and lots of punches.

Ever seen an Ogre get punched to death? How about a Shrieker?

The team’s exploits are broken up into three videos, 50 minutes in all, through the abyss and lantern area, the bridge and Shrieker section, and finally, Deathsinger and Crota.

Part 1 – The Abyss

Part 2 – Bridge and Shrieker

Part 3 – Deathsinger and Crota

Does this prove once and for all that Titans are the best type of guardian to beat Crota’s End Raid?

Keep in mind, this was done on Normal mode. Something tells me this might not work on Hard mode. Regardless, it’s impressive as hell, so if you happen to see guardians Im Zerkky, Unbridled Hate, Rob280, AFC xp, VirtualxMayhem, Tackhammer or purityGOON in the Tower, be sure to wave.

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