destiny_glimmerGlimmer is a prized commodity in Destiny these days and anything you upgrade is going to require it. Sooner or later you’ll likely need to farm some glimmer, and this video from TritanArmy shows a great spot on Mars, easiest gotten to by doing the Cerberus Vae III strike.

If you’re like me, you probably have a hefty stash of Resupply Codes you can use to get more glimmer out of Cabal kills. You’ll want to use those when you go to farm this spot. This whole area on Cerberus Vae III is full of Cabal and they respawn quickly. You’ll also pick up quite a few Network Keys in this area from fallen enemies which will convert to 200 glimmer each when you trade them in to the Cryptarch.

I accumulated about 5,000 glimmer in 20-30 minutes by going here. Let us know how it works for you if you try it out. Also, let us know some of your favorite glimmer farming spots. I personally use Skywatch in Old Russia a lot because you can knock out patrol missions at the same time.


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