destiny dark belowThe highly anticipated first expansion for Destiny was unleashed today. Your buds here at PMN ( will be exploring all the ins and outs of The Dark Below game changer and we invite you to tag along. Watch us make the mistakes so you don’t have to, then watch us own all the noobs with our fully upgraded exotic weapons. We should be getting started here pretty soon if you’d like to tune in and will be playing on and off throughout the day (and tomorrow, and the next, etc.).

Jump in the chat too and let us know what you think about The Dark Below expansion or the game in general.

Also, you can always check our LIVE STREAMS page to see if one of our crew is on Twitch cuttin loose on PC, PS4 or Xbox One — we got all the bases covered.

Watch live video from ProMMANow on

If you want to team up for some raids or strikes, find me on Xbox One at FireAmourFOU.

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