Destiny_box_artIf you’ve been playing the new hard mode of Crota’s End raid in Destiny, you know it can be quite a challenge to finish, even for a team of level 32’s. I’ve seen several strategies used in each section but I had never seen anyone do something like this on the bridge — especially solo. This is pure nuts. Watch as this Tritan Army player uses a Hunter Bladedancer to solo the bridge section by getting blasted up into the air off a totem, popping his super, then bladedancing across the chasm! CRAZY, right! But what’s even more crazy is he says it took him about six hours to do this. Uhhh no.

Let us know the best method you’ve found to cross the bridge and/or defeat Crota. You can see how we do it on our Twitch live stream ( Come and play with us (GT: FireAmourFOU)!

Here’s a much more time conscious and easy way to cheese the bridge and what a lot of teams are using lately. Albeit, it’s not a solo method, but then again raids are not technically supposed to be solo’d.


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