The Outer MMA Limits: Return of the Prodigy

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Watch Tommy Toe Hold’s hilarious take on Penn return rumor

We love Tommy Toe Hold,  especially when something as insane as a BJ Penn return rumor  surfaces.  In this episode you can hear Tommy hit the nail right on the head about the strong rumor, and when you see BJ Penn‘s potential opponent you may have the same reaction Mr Toe Hold did.

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Congrats Matt Serra you are now beefing with Colby Covington spoke with controversy magnet Colby Covington and he revealed a beef with Matt Serra after his recent tweets.  One of which said, “SERRA, You need a rearview mirror with a TELESCOPE attached to see the days when you were slapping anybody, You’re IRRELEVANT.” Dang, Colby. Here’s what he told BJ Penn Radio…

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Check out what Duane Ludwig said about the TJ vs DJ negotiations

Duane “Bang” Ludwig appeared on BJ Penn Radio to discuss a number of things but one of the most anticipated was his insider information on the potential bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw vs flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson clash. He did confirm what Dana White said about the fight not being offered and negotiations stalling. With DJ hurt it is likely Dillashaw will face former rival Dominick Cruz. Check it out…

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Yair Rodriguez vs. BJ Penn full fight video highlights When BJ Penn took on Yair Rodriguez in the UFC Fight Night 103 main event Sunday in Phoenix, it looked as though “The Prodigy” might still have something left in the tank. He was moving well, and even landed a few good shots. However, as round one progressed it became more and more obvious … Read more

UFC Fight Night 103 live results

UFC Hall of Famer and former two-division champ BJ Penn returns to action as he faces top 10 featherweight Yair Rodriguez in the UFC Fight Night 103 main event Sunday night in Phoenix. Also, Joe Lauzon faces Marcin Held in lightweight action, and Ben Saunders returns against Court McGee at welterweight. UFC Fight Night 103 live results: … Read more