Nick Diaz is scared homie. That is if you believe what Colby Covington is selling on Radio. There was a bout agreement between Covington and Diaz that briefly floated around but ultimately turned out to be just rumors. Instead we got Daniel Cormier vs Mr. Hot Balls Derrick Lewis at UFC 230 and we’re not complaining. HOWEVER, the buildup for Colby vs  Nick might have been Conor McGregor vs Nate Diaz levels of epic.

Covington addressed the rumors of the bout and then absolutely gutted Diaz. Check it out.

He’s trying to keep his name in the headlines, get some media, get a couple of extra Instagram followers. He ain’t here to fight man, he’s done, he’s washed up. He can’t even fight anymore. When’s the last time he got a win? Like last generation? Last decade? No one gives a fuck about him anymore. He’s out partying in Vegas, doing lines of coke, beating up chicks because he ain’t beating up no guys. That’s all he can do is beat up chicks. So we’ve got the little Stockton, little pussy, ain’t doing shit no more.

Careful what you wish for Mr C. Here’s the full video of Colby poking the Stockton snake. That’s no disrespect to Nick we’re just saying – if it’s not chasing you Covington then don’t provoke it.

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