WEC 37: Torres vs. Tapia – results & play-by-play

Joseph Benavidez vs. Danny Martinez (BW)
Rd.1 – Martinez looks to get the fight down but Benavidez stuffs it. Benavidez lands a nice left to the face followed by a front kick to the chin. Benavidez throwing nice combinations. Right roundhouse kick to the body by Benavidez. Martinez gets Benavidez down but he bounces back up. Benavidez’s style is very reminiscent of Faber, whom he trains with. Nice judo throw by Benavidez and has Martinez in a headlock from side control as the bell sounds. Great round for Benavidez who was called the “Breakout Star of 2009” recently by Big John McCarthy on Inside MMA.
Rd.2 – Benavidez continues to push the pace and his striking looks good. His stand up looks very similar to the way Faber fights. Nothing very significant lands for either fighter in this round but Benavidez clearly has the edge due to keeping the pressure on and controlling the bout.

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Two fighters from WEC 37 on Pro MMA Radio: Mark Munoz & Joseph Benavidez

Host, Larry Pepe had two guests on this week’s edition of Pro MMA Radio entitled the “Rising Stars” episode. Both guests will be appearing on tonight’s WEC 37 fight card which airs live on VERSUS starting at 7 pm CT.

The first guest was 4-0 undefeated fighter, Mark Munoz who will be taking on Ricardo Barros at light heavyweight.  This will be Munoz’s second and last fight with the WEC since they have merged the two heavier weight classes into the UFC.

Munoz is an NCAA National Champion and two-time All-American collegiate wrestler.  He attended Oklahoma State and was at one time ranked #1 in the nation.

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WEC 37 & final episodes of TUF 8 all air tonight

Starting at 7pm CT/5pm PT tonight (12-03-08) on VERSUS tune into WEC 37 featuring a main event bout between Manny Tapia and Miguel Torres for the WEC Bantamweight Title. It should be an incredible night of fights and there’s still time to place your bets on the Title fight at BetUS.com.

Immediately following WEC 37 tune your TV channel to SPIKE TV at 9pm CT/7pm PT to watch not one, but the TWO final episodes back-to-back of The Ultimate Fighter season 8.

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Antonio Silva could face potential license revocation

Antonio Silva could see his license revoked by the California State Athletic Commission if he chooses to fight at Sengoku 7 on January 4th in Japan. According to Sherdog.com, newly appointed CSAC Assistant Executive Officer, Bill Douglas notified the former Elite XC Heavyweight Champion about the potential revocation via mail Tuesday.

Despite being suspended by the CSAC for one year following a positive steroid test at Elite XC-Unfinished Business in July, the American Top Team heavyweight had no plans of sitting out for the whole year. Silva had been negotiating with World Victory Road to participate in the promotion and did not seem afraid of any potential disciplinary action by the CSAC. However, that no longer appears to be the case.

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Ticket sales down for UFC 92

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, ticket sales are down compared to the UFC’s New Year’s Eve show from 2007.

The December 27 event has sold 5,500 tickets for a $1.7 million gate. Unless there is a late surge in ticket sales, it’s expected that the final gate will be somewhere around the $2.5 million range. That number is nearly embarrassing in comparison to last year’s live gate of $4.9 million.

UFC 92 features three high profile matchups, including the second semifinal heavyweight fight in the “mini-tournament” to determine the UFC’s undisputed heavyweight champion. Last year, UFC 79 featured a co-main event featuring Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva in a match MMA fans had been waiting to see for years, and Matt Hughes vs. Georges St.-Pierre in the 3rd match of their fight trilogy.

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Tim Sylvia vs. Ken Shamrock possible for Feb.21

Rumors are circulating that Tim Sylvia will face Ken Shamrock in a superfight at UFS 2: “Vindication”, a small promotion in Houston, Texas.Their inaugural event in July featured both Ricco Rodriguez and Mark Kerr.

Could it be true? Why would Tim Sylvia agree to fight Ken Shamrock when his last four bouts have come against Randy Couture, Brandon Vera, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, and Fedor Emelianenko? Has anyone ever taken such a huge step down in competition in just one fight as going from Fedor to Ken Shamrock? If the rumor proves to be true, it baffles my mind.

Sylvia’s five losses have come against Frank Mir, Andrei Arlovski, Randy Couture, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Fedor Emelianenko. That’s a who’s who list of top heavyweights on the planet.

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Rampage, B.J., Arianny, and Lorenzo

There are four interviews by David Samuels that have just been published in The Atlantic that are well worth the read.

Each one of these interviews is unique. The interview with Rampage is the most in-depth interview you may ever read and there is some very interesting information in there. They talk about Quinton’s trainer allegedly stealing from him and what Quinton was like immediately following his “little episode” earlier this year. The issue of him facing a fighter that has already KO’d him twice is brought up and the question is asked if this is a “cruel” thing to do to Quinton as his first fight back.

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Lorenzo Fertitta wants Rickson Gracie to fight in the UFC

David Samuels has a great new interview with Lorenzo Fertitta in The Atlantic. He goes in-depth with the UFC co-owner and talks about everything from fighter salary, to how The Ultimate Fighter got started, and even issues a challenge to Rickson Gracie to get in the Octagon.

The Ultimate Fighter, now winding up its eighth season on Spike TV was a very important turning point in the history of the UFC. Lorenzo talks about how hard it was to even find a television station that was interested in airing the program, “We met with—you name it, MTV, CBS, ABC, ESPN, HBO, Showtime, Spike, USA. We probably met with the Food Channel too. I don’t know. We met with everybody. And to a ‘t,’ every single person said this won’t work. Get out of my office. This is a joke. It’s boring.”

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“Octagon”- a would be book review

A new less expensive Octagon now available

By Denny “The Mad One” Hodge

If you visit the UFC site, you can still get your hands on “Octagon”, the collectors edition.  At $2700 is it really a shock that they still have it in stock?  The book is huge at 21.5″ x 27″, and weighing in at nearly 50 pounds.

 If you can’t picture just how big it is, take a look at the picture on the right.  Actually the book is now old news and has been fodder for many a keyboard warrior on popular MMA web sites and forums alike.

What is new about the book is that it will be re-released on December 15th for the retail price of $40. The new “trade” edition, is smaller, and was NOT hand-bound in Italy.

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