Chad George’s “Road to Japan” blog day 9 – more hard training and Sake

Chad George along with his training partners from Roots Gym in Japan run the stairs.

Projekt Label fighter Chad “Savage” George (10-4) was recently invited to Japan to train with the camp of Japanese Shooto legend Rumina Sato. Being that Chad has a fight coming up on Nov. 14 against Greg Guzman at “Called Out MMA 2,” he saw this as the perfect opportunity to train with some of the top lighter weight fighters in the world, and as a special treat for us he is keeping a blog of his trip. Be sure to check back each day to see how things are going with Chad during this very unique experience.

Day 9

Today we got to Roots gym about 8:30 to go for the Saturday run. I am still all banged up from yesterday’s sparring, oh joy. We stretched a bit and then hit the road. After about a 2k warm up jog we made it to the same stairs as last week.

Time for sprints. Five sets of hard push sprints with push ups at the top. The length of the sprint is about 200 meters each. After the last sprint we shadow boxed at the top to cool down.

Now last week after this point we headed back to the gym. Not today. Today we jogged a little down the way to another stairway. Holy shit. They called it the 100. This stair way was a long step stretch stairway of 100 stairs. Time to run. We sprinted three sets (race style, two at a time) up the stairs. Rough. Quads felt like exploding. After the sprints we made the 2k jog back to Roots.

Once back to the gym it was time for some grueling conditioning. First we stretched and then got right into it. Plyometrics, pull ups, back work, ab work and push ups. Phew… The morning was finally over.

We ate lunch and relaxed, but as soon as you know it, it was time to train in the GI. We put on the pajamas and hard sparred for about 45-60 minutes. Ok now it’s safe to say I was wrecked! But feeling very good!

The night unwound with Taiki teaching his MMA class and me doing some technical training with Rumina. After we closed the gym it was “TIME TO EAT.” Ha…

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We make it to the restaurant and end up at Noboos celebration party for his win at Shooto. This also turned out to be THE NIGHT I knew at some point would come. Give the American SAKE! lol…

We ate dinner, drank Sake, drank some beer, and then stumbled our way home. Suprisingly, I managed to not get to plastered and act like a retarded American. Instead, we had a hard day of training finished out with a fun night of exchanging funny and ridiculous customs.

Yes I taught them pimpin’, collar popping, and BIATCH! me, I was taught things very similar! lol.

Tomorrow should be a relaxed day, with maybe only some light training. Only a few days left and the road is over! Monday training is supposed to be rough! Enjoy!

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By: Chad “SAVAGE” George

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